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iMaginator and Create

two powerful publishing tools for Mac OS X

The productivity and creative suite 'Stone Works' featuring iMaginator 4.0 and Create 14.2 has now been upgraded by Stone Design.

Stone Works is 17 applications, a widget and a screen saver that let you design and publish to print and web, do anything with images and photos, bill for your services, make and edit movies, photo albums, watermark documents, convert fonts, monitor the weather, choose fonts visually, manage your preferences, PDF management and much more!

According to Stone Design founder and CEO Andrew Stone, "iMaginator 4.0 is the fastest version yet - we've been able to double the rendering speed and get in a bunch of cool new features, and a fantastic new icon."

He continued, "Create(R)14.2 has some great new features and some important stability enhancements. Videator and iMaginator got a powerful new plugin which lets you replace any color with another color. And, like always, these are free upgrades for all of our current customers!"

iMaginator 4.0, the first "Core Image" photo manipulation, painting and effects application now runs twice as fast. It has a new Effect: Replace Color, which also shows up in the Tasks menu along with Mask With Image for quickly cropping a photo to the shape of an image with transparency.

Create(R) 14.2, is the independent alternative and a design, page layout and web publishing powerhouse. Create now has complete integration with Address Book allowing you to create merge documents, to quickly replicate letters to a group or selection of addresses from Address Book, and make custom labels. The Photo Browser has been enhanced to reload and an option to show only a given folder. PDFs render much faster, there are more power keys and new planetary clip art.

Videator 4.4, the amazing realtime performance video machine and "PhotoShop for Video", also has the Replace Color filter effect which creates a very trippy liquid fire visual. The Tasks menu adds Replace Color and Mask with Image, which displays video through the shape of the masking image.

Also enhanced and updated for this release: PStill 5.7.2, the complete PDF processing, distilling, combining, separating, and investigating application, as well as the Stone Widget.

The Stone Works download also contains: SliceAndDice 4.3.1 which makes fancy navigation bars for Create(R); TimeEqualsMoney 3.4.1, the easy to use time and expense app; PhotoToWeb 3.3.1, easy photo web publishing, copyrighting and thumbnailing; FontSight 3.2, visual font menus; PackUpAndGo 3.1.1, cross platform archiving; StampInStone 3.5.1, easy PDF watermarking; TrueBlue 3.3, TrueType and OpenType to PS Type 1 Font convertor; PreferenceCommander 2.3.1, manages sets of preferences for any app, StarMores 1.1, XaoS 3.2.8, the fractal generator that works with Videator; GlobalWarmth 2.3.1, a multi-station weather monitor and Qouija 1.1 - a free application to divine the future through cosmic symbology.

A complete list of all the new features can be found on the Stone Design website.

The complete Stone Works bundle, a professional publish to web and print solution, is available now for just $399, That's a $604 value if each app was purchased separately from Stone Design, but comparable features from other software houses would be well over $4000. Or you can buy any one of the included applications standalone. The Stone Works bundle can be downloaded now and contains 17 applications, a screen saver and a widget.

Stone Works(TM) is available online at the Stone Store. Stone Design has extended its low introductory pricing: $399 through April 2008. Each application can also be purchased separately at the Stone Store.

Stone Design

Stone Design Corp of Albuquerque New Mexico was founded in 1984 with a mission of providing an alternative, low-cost and independent creative suite of easy to use design and productivity applications. Providing free upgrades for life for customers, Stone Design revolutionized the user-software producer relationship with its "user community model". With over 17 applications in its award winning and yet low-cost "Stone Works" bundle, Stone Design provides free tech support and a 24/7 user forum where you can get the help you need when you need it! - Published on 02/12/08


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