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Sketching on your iPhone

... or iPod Touch

Sketches fun, casual drawing and annotation tool Here comes Sketches a fun, casual drawing and annotation tool, Sketches is built natively on the iPhone OS's powerful set of technologies and advanced user interfaces innovations.

"The iPhone SDK and APIs are like no other development environment, for any mobile or desktop platform," says Pedro Cuenca, co-founder and CTO. "In fact, all the tools and APIs are surprisingly familiar to developers already used to programming for Mac OS X."

Sketches iPhone OS drawing, sketching, coloring and hand-written notes

"Arcane incantations and low-level technical juggling so frequent in other mobile platforms are simply nowhere to be found in the iPhone OS platform," said Jorge Llubi , co-founder and COO, LateNiteSoft. "The performance and reliability provided by the iPhone SDK means we can focus on the user experience and developing the product we set out to create instead of wasting our time in fruitless technical struggles".

Sketches iPhone OS drawing, sketching, coloring and hand-written notesSketches users will be able to jot down their notes and scribble their thoughts using their fingers, illustrating their ideas with simple but colourful diagrams, notes and sketches. Sketches' built-in localization and networking features will make it a snap to bring up a map of your whereabouts, draw indications on top and send the result to your friends. It also excels as a casual social pastime such as taking a picture of your friends, placing moustaches and party hats on their faces and sharing the fun publishing to your Twitter account.

Attention to detail and focus on customers' needs are prevalent throughout the product. A corkboard metaphor provides an intuitive and visually attractive way for the user to save his creations and come back to them later. Sensible, contextual animation effects are used to guide the user through transitions or signal the completion of actions. Other small surprises are expected to draw a smile from the user, such as the ability to clear the current drawing by shaking the device, or the "welcome pack" made up of usage tips that were themselves drawn with Sketches.

Sketches features, coupled with a lean and straightforward user interface make it a nice complement to the general-purpose apps supplied by Apple as part of the standard iPhone software. It provides a fun way to enter notes and drawings without having to resort to the keyboard, allowing the user to export or share them with others. It can be used as a personal mobile notebook, always available to register ideas no matter where they happen to strike or as a hobby you can enjoy with others.

Sketches for iPhone and iPod touchSketches is available for iPhone and iPod touch for just $7.99 USD through the Apple App Store in more than 20 countries, including USA, Europe and Japan.

Product URL: iTunes Store

LateNiteSoft is based in Torrelodones, a small beautiful town in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. Bringing dozens of years of accumulated experience in both the software and telecommunication sectors, LateNiteSoft was founded in late 2006 as a Mac software company, resulting in Xslimmer as their first product.


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