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Free iMedia Browser

easily browse from your entire collection of media

imediaKarelia Software has announced the release of version 1.1.1 of the Karelia iMedia Browser, a free utility that adds the familiar "media browser" experience to just about any Mac application.

A stand-alone utility, the Karelia iMedia Browser lets users easily browse and drag content from their entire collection of photos, music, movies, and bookmarks, including their Pictures, Music, and Movies folders as well as applications such as iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, iTunes, GarageBand, and several leading web browsers. The Karelia iMedia Browser can be activated either from the dock or from a small icon in the menu bar.

Version 1.1.1 adds support for iPhoto events, multiple Aperture libraries, and the ability to manage custom folders in the source list. The application is now available in English, Danish, French, German, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese. There are also dozens of performance improvements and bugfixes in the release.

imedia"With a team of developers from multiple companies around the world contributing, we've continued to make the iMedia Browser even more useful than ever," said Dan Wood of Karelia Software. "We continue to receive comments from Mac users who appreciate the ability to quickly access their media libraries using the iMedia browser as a standalone application or as an embedded part of their favorite applications."

In addition to being available as a stand-alone application, the iMedia Browser is embedded in Sandvox, Karelia's award-winning website development application. The iMedia framework is also used in a number of third-party applications, including Skitch from Plasq, FotoMagico from Boinx Software, HoudahGeo from Houdah Software, Ubercaster from Pleasant Software, iStar Composer from Script Software, Posterino from Zykloid, Norkross Movie from Norkross Software, NovaMind, and MemoryMiner. The iMedia framework is extensible, allowing developers to add new media types or sources of media.

Peter Baumgartner, lead Developer of FotoMagico, commented "Previous versions of FotoMagico used their own proprietary version of iLife integration. Keeping up with all the changes used to be a lot of work. This has gotten much easier since we migrated to Karelia's iMedia framework. Since it's open source and a lot of developers are contributing to it, it gets updated quickly when the media repositories change."

Version 1.1.1 of the application is now available for downloading from Karelia's website. It is a Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel architectures, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" or 10.5 "Leopard." The framework for developers is available at Google Code.

Karelia Software www.karelia.com
iMedia Browser
Direct Download Link
iMedia at Google Framework Code

Karelia Software is the California-based company that originally brought you Watson, the ground-breaking Macintosh Web utility, winner of the MacWorld "Eddy" and the Apple Design Award for "Most Innovative Application." Karelia is headed by Dan Wood and Terrence Talbot. We joined forces to create Sandvox when we realized that even for the technically inclined, it was just too painful to get words and pictures on the Web.


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