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Give it the JUICE

Juice Bags solar charging bags

solar bagThings just got easier for the eco-oriented executive. Reware, the company known for its Juice Bags line of solar charging bags, has released the new Juice Bags ProFolio, a business bag that will charge cell phones, PDA's and other handheld devices as quickly as if plugged into a wall socket.

"We've released the Juice Bags ProFolio in answer to the many requests we've received from business people who are looking for a product that gives them the freedom to roam while staying plugged in," says Henry Gentenaar, managing partner of Reware, the DC-based company that makes the Juice Bags. "Plus, doing so environmentally is a bonus for those seeking to keep their electronics ready for action. It's an easy step for businesses that want to go green."

solar bagIn addition to using one of the world's most advanced flexible solar panels, the bag is made using ballistic fabric that is stitched to military specifications. It also sports side and bottom padding to protect computers, and is outfitted with multiple pockets, file dividers, reinforced shoulder straps and padded grip handles. The bag is finished with heavy-duty zippers and buckles.

Users need only plug their devices into Juice Bags and to charge using nothing more than clean, free sunlight. "Sunlight is international," says Gentenaar, "and business people enjoy the ability to take charge', as it were, anywhere and everywhere."

Reware makes the Juice Bags ProFolio in the United States, using exclusively American technology, fabrics and labor. Though solar technology in a personal size can't charge computers directly yet, the rugged attach is designed to carry up to a 15" laptop, and other essential business items needed by today's on-the-go exec. As with all Juice Bags products, the bag contains a technologically advanced thin-film solar panel composed of 52 micro solar cells. The panel immediately converts sunlight into usable energy to charge all 12volt electronics. It is flexible, waterproof, and can even be removed from the bag. The panel is so powerful, in fact, that there's no need to use a battery to aid the solar panel. "This is true solar," says Gentenaar. "It's the real thing." The Juice Bags ProFolio will retail for $399, but the company is introducing the item at rewarestore.com for $299 while supplies last.

Reware's vision is to promote renewable energy and sustainable living through the creation and distribution of innovative products. Our goal is to encourage people to adopt eco-friendly products and lifestyles by making a connection to renewable energy. Join the revolution.


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