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Morphing Images on Leopard

Morph Age Pro for morphing warping images and movies

morphingCreaceed, the company behind Hydra, Morph Age, and Magnet, has shipped th final versions of Morph Age 4.0 and Morph Age Pro 4.0 for morphing/warping images and movies on Mac OS X Leopard.

New features:
Morph Age is the reference application for morphing/warping images and movies on Mac OS X, such as faces, and saving the result as a QuickTime movie. The final version of Morph Age 4 Regular/Pro ships after the introduction of a beta program earlier this year at Macworld'08. It has many new features over version 3:
- Motion and Blending curves editing,
- Smart Fit which enables to derive the position of all curves from moving just a subset (increased productivity),
- Motion tracking to track curves in movies,
- Face detection to automatically insert a set of face curve in an image
- And many more.

morphing made easy

Morph Age does make use of GPUs to attain unprecedented real-time performance and rapid prototyping. Morph Age is a perfect companion to iLife (iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD) for creating stunning video of friends and family, and even to Final Cut Pro for creating broadcast quality special effects.

Morph this girl

Morph Age is now a product range with two variants, Regular and Pro; The regular version gets all new features but works only with still images while the Pro version also supports movie inputs and frame accurate key framing. Morph Age documentation in this upgrade is also updated. Moreover, two additional screencasts are now available on Creaceed's website, about using the "Blending & Motion Curves" feature and about "Working with movies" for Morph Age Pro. A complete list of Morph Age features can be found on Creaceed's website.

Morph Age 4.0 and Morph Age Pro 4.0 are immediately available from Creaceed's website at $59.95 and $149.95 USD respectively. They require any Mac running Mac OS X Leopard and with at least 64 MB of video memory. Morph Age 4.x is a free upgrade for existing Morph Age 3.x customers, and upgrade from v3.x to Pro v4.x is $39.95 USD (existing customers were mailed with the plan during Macworld January).

Morph Age 3.x and Morph Age 4.x have compatible licenses, so that customers who don't own Leopard yet can still buy Morph Age 3.x and freely move to Morph Age 4.x when they later upgrade to Leopard. Morph Age 4 is also localized in French.

Creaceed ~ Morph Age
Morph Age Direct Download Link: morphage4.dmg
Screenshot: morphage4.png

Creaceed is a Belgian company made up of passionate people with expertise in signal and image processing. They provide professionals and consumers on the Mac platform with creative software that are intuitive and easy to use. Other applications proposed by Creaceed are Hydra for HDR image creation from regular photos, and Magnet for augmenting QuickTime movies with special effects that are tracking motion.


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