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Serif comes to the U.S.

award-winning SERIF desktop publishing and design software

Serif is bringing its four leading desktop publishing, design and graphics software products to the U.S. market! Now, American graphic designers can take advantage of these powerful design tools -- PagePlus X3, WebPlus X2, PhotoPlus X2 and DrawPlus X2.

Serif's user-friendly graphics and publishing programs, which have received numerous industry awards, enable small businesses to create professional-quality marketing and product materials without the expense of hiring a design agency or purchasing complicated and expensive software.

Serif offerings provide users with the necessary high-powered design tools required to create quality publishing and design work without the prohibitive price tag associated with professional-level tools. To make its products more accessible to small businesses, Serif has created simple desktop interfaces while providing content-rich tutorials for users of all skill levels.


PagePlus X3
The latest version of Serif's desktop publishing software, PagePlus X3 offers an unrivaled combination of editing features, ease-of-use and price value. Ideal for small businesses and individuals looking to create in-house publications, such as brochures, newsletters and catalogs, PagePlus X3 provides a range of features, including:
* PDF import, editing and export
* Image Cutout Studio, providing a simple tool for extracting images
* Built-in Logo Studio to enable professional logo design and editing
* Examples

Serif Photo

PhotoPlus X2
PhotoPlus X2 offers an array of dynamic digital image editing features for digital photography enthusiasts or organizations wanting to make the very best of their digital images. Features of the program include:
* Automated makeover studio, making it easier than ever to quickly remove imperfections from portraits
* Powerful artistic effects, such as lighting, distortion, sharpening and texture
* Smart filter layers allowing effects to be applied to photos without affecting the underlying image
* Adobe Photoshop PSD import and export as well as full integration with all Photoshop plug-ins. PhotoPlus X2

DrawPlus X2
This vector drawing software offers powerful and intuitive graphic tools, enabling users to create everything from natural-looking painted artwork and vector-drawn logos to screensavers, scaled diagrams and animations. Like all Serif programs, DrawPlus X2 boasts professional-level tools that are easy to master, including:
* A wide range of pressure sensitive natural media brushes offering effects from charcoal to airbrush to watery paint
* Flash animation creation functionality with full support for both stopframe and keyframe animation as well as Flash export
* Photoshop and AutoCAD import and editing abilities, enabling users to work with files created in these complex programs and easily edit and share files with business partners. DrawPlus X2

WebPlus X2
The most recent version of Serif's website design powerhouse, WebPlus X2 enables Web designers of all abilities to build high-end, full-featured websites without having to learn to use HTML code. Highlights of the program include:
* Desktop publishing-style approach to Web design, making it as easy to create a website as it is to create a printed document
* Built-in multimedia and Web 2.0 support for adding Flash animations, videos, blogs, podcasts, polls and much more
* Integrated e-commerce, enabling any business to create a fully transactional website
* Optimization and analytics, to aid search engine optimization and tracking visitor trends

Serif has been a leading provider of graphics software in the European market for more than 20 years. As more small businesses rely on internal resources for all their business needs, demand is growing for desktop publishing and graphics software that is affordable and does not require a time-intensive learning process.

The Serif programs, which range in price from $79.99 to $99.99 (MSRP), are distributed in association with Sage Software by Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Navarre and Douglas Stewart, and are available through online retailers and software dealers nationwide. Click here for a complete listing of retail outlets.

Check out their xcellent Education tutorials department

About Serif - Founded in 1987 with the aim to develop low-cost alternatives to high-end publishing and graphics packages, Serif has repeatedly been praised for its powerful yet easy-to-use software. Serif products put professional effects and demanding publishing tasks within the reach of ordinary PC users around the world and have won numerous awards including PC Plus Editor's Choice, PC Advisor Gold, Computer Buyer Best Buy, PC Answers Editor's Choice and Computer Shopper Best Buy.

Now with more than six million customers worldwide, Serif has approximately 200 employees at its head office, development and European sales center in Nottingham, UK and its North American sales operation in New Hampshire. For more information, visit www.serif.com


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