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Private File Sharing

100,000 Beta testers have now proven it

wixiWixi is a media-centric, web-based desktop where users interact with each other by privately sharing personal media, including photos, audio and video, has announced the results of its six-month private Beta run. The network, which launched at last September's TechCrunch40 Conference, offers users the ability to build their very own online media center that they can access any time, anywhere, and soon from any device.

Millions of young Internet users have Gigabytes of media files. Copying these files from one device or service to another wastes time and can be limiting. Unlike other standard storage services, Wixi is designed to stream personal media files, offering its users unlimited storage, mobility and social feeds..

Since the network's launch at TechCrunch40, Wixi has seen tremendous success in both user registration and the growth of users' media libraries. Wixi has:

"Socialize your media."

Wixi's feature-set has also expanded - with new features ranging from Wixi for iPhones, RSS feeds to track your friends' activity on the network, upload documents and a new Wixi universal player that offers Web semantic suggestions for media playing. The network aims to be a Social Media Aggregator service for a user to back up his files online, but that also enables him to view his friends' upload activity and browse media content in the Wixi community.

Wixi's business model is based on Premium for Unlimited storage and Multi-device access. The User Interface offers a unique experience for storing and organizing thousands of files, not just the photos you took last weekend. Already, the site has more than 10,000 Wixis with more than 500 GB of files on their servers.

Web users who would like an invitation to register as a private Beta tester should visit



Wixi is a media social network where users interact with each other by privately watching, posting, and sharing content of all media types, including photos, audio, and video. The site's desktop-like interface and automatic file conversion to play all media on a universal Wixi player make it an ideal option for sharing media with users of all levels of computer literacy. Social networking features allow users to interact with friends privately online as well as meeting fellow members, browsing their Wixis, discovering new content and expanding their social circles. Founded in early 2007 with offices in Paris, New York and Buenos Aires, Wixi aims to create a world-class community for millions of users, monetized through advertising, entertainment on-demand channels and premium subscription packages. For more information about the company or to access the Wixi Web site, visit www.wixi.com.


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