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Grants for tech savvy Schools

a great choice in student publishing in K-8

Canvastic is searching for school districts that are technology leaders nationwide. Districts will be awarded licenses of Canvastic version 3.5 valued from $10K to $200K or more. The company will make the award to any district that meets the qualification criteria. The company will award one unlimited building site license ($949 value) for every two elementary and middle schools in the district. This is a pure gift with no obligation beyond installation of the program. Canvastic LLC feels that these gifts will help the program become more widely known as a great choice in student publishing in K-8.

Canvastic is the graphics and text publishing software for students and teachers in K-8. It features a clear on-screen display making it easy to use for everyone. It can be customized for users of different ages. It really grows with the user. Canvastic is a real tool for school, not a toy. There are no time wasting features or excessive options. You can always download a demonstration copy. Canvastic also hosts the new Canvastic DOT NET, a free, online version that requires no installation.

School District Qualifications:

1. School District must have 20 or more schools.
2. School District must agree to install Canvastic in a timely manner.
3. School District must want to move their younger students beyond using "edutainment" programs or professional office suites for productivity to a real "tool-for-school" publishing application.
4. School District must support the gift by supporting their school level technology leaders during the installation and initial use of the program.
5. School District should issue a press release to the local media documenting the gift.

Steve Gandy, a Canvastic LLC, principal said, "We are very pleased to announce this program. Many, many schools have no idea that there are other choices for publishing with their younger students. They gave up looking years ago because the powers that be never really adapted the toy-like applications for real school use. Let's face it, the 'wacky-bomb' does not promote focus in a standards based classroom in my opinion. Neither do any of the variations of professional office suites. Canvastic, on the other hand, has just the tools and functions that young students need for all kinds of publishing. And it can scale itself from a pre-K level to advanced one, and everywhere in-between. Besides giving Canvastic a larger footprint in the market these gifts will hopefully raise the bar for all the software in this genre."

Several districts have already received huge grants. Applications will be accepted throughout 2009.

To apply for the gift, contact the company and state your interest:
Canvastic LLC
Attn: Gift Licenses
12635 Flagg Drive
Suite 101
Lafayette, CO 80026

Canvastic 3.5
Download Canvastic: canosx35.dmg

Canvastic LLC is the coming together of two companies to develop and market the software Canvastic. FlatTop Technology, Inc. builds custom software applications for businesses in a wide variety of industries and was the lead technical developer of the Canvastic software. TeachTech Inc. is a consulting firm founded by Steve Gandy that specializes in school and small office training and support. He was a public school technology leader in Colorado for 25 years. - Atlanta, Georgia - Published on 01/11/09


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