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High Rez backgrounds for Photographers

125 beautiful, all new, high resolution backgrounds

Art Fotografic's Album DS is the easiest, most feature-complete tool for professional photographers to produce panoramic albums. Now, they have introduced 125 beautiful, all new, high resolution backgrounds. Art Fotografic is known for providing customers with the coolest elements for albums, collages, greeting cards and any other type of photographic designs our customers can think of. While most other software products have a couple effects and elements and simple templates, Album DS features not only the most powerful solution but also the one with the most templates, effects, backgrounds, borders, masks, frames and other elements to fully unleash any photographers design capabilities. Art Fotografic's Album DS photographers panoramic albums, 125 beautiful, all new, high resolution backgrounds.Album DS Makes creating panoramic albums a breeze from within Adobe Photoshop a program professionals already know and love. Album DS is very easy to use even for those with limited Photoshop experience and acts like an album design dashboard from within Photoshop. Features include: Image tracking, Page tracking, Searchable templates, Scaleable large preview of project images, Album Easy effects, ability to load Photoshop actions as Album DS buttons and so much more.

Album DS is available immediately for download, including up to 1100 templates and everything you need to begin designing gorgeous albums of any type including: panoramic, matted, coffee table, flush mount, and lay-flat. Album DS will work for ANY album size from ANY manufacturer and has features to resize albums from one size and aspect ratio to another without requiring re-design even if going to a much larger size album. Templates can be opened at ANY size or aspect ratio so there's no need to manage separate square, horizontal and vertical templates, just input a size and open any template. Custom or favorite album sizes can also be saved and sizes for popular album companies products are being added as well.

Simply put, Album DS makes professional photographers more productive at producing top notch photo products and will likely help inspire photographers who use it to produce albums that are just as beautiful as they are easy to design. Album DS albums and projects can be printed via any lab, album maker or in-house.

Album DS
Art Fotografic's Album DS Additional Info

Album DS is developed in Valencia Spain by Art Fotografic and has been available since early 2006. Used extensively throughout the US, Europe and Latin America Album DS has in a very short time developed into the most flexible tool for album design available today. With a solid commitment to service and support, Album DS is poised to be a global leader for professional album design and was the 2008 Hot-One Award Winner bestowed by Professional Photographer Magazine for Best Album Design Product. - Los Angeles, CA - Published on 02/13/09


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