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Infrastructure: Local to Global

Conference invitation: Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth join leading GIS Companies in Vancouver

Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth will be joined by ESRI, Autodesk, Adobe and other industry leaders at the GeoWeb 2009 -- taking place July 27-31, 2009 in downtown Vancouver, BC Canada at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue. The focus of this year's event is "Infrastructure: Local to Global" - on how the integration of global aggregators will drive the creation of local infrastructures and will give rise to a global infrastructure.

New mapping implementations are pouring out of Google Earth, Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth, such as Nanaimo's unofficial title as the "capital of Google Earth", the Google Earth Outreach program that allows conservationists to raise awareness of endangered species, artist Melanie Coles 55 ft long "Where is Waldo?" search via Google Earth, the use of Google Earth in the classroom, and prompting bloggers to provide tips on how to use web-based mapping services for all things from moving apartments to RV Trip Planning and following the Olympic Torch Route.

GeoWeb 2009's conference line-up is exciting and will include the following:

Keynote Speakers
NOTE Dr. John Curlander, general manager, Microsoft Virtual Earth Business Unit
NOTE Michael T. Jones, chief technology advocate, Google
NOTE Alex Miller, founder and president, ESRI Canada Ltd.

Invited Speakers
NOTE Dr. Michael F. Goodchild, professor of geography, University of California, Santa Barbara
NOTE Dr. Michael Kay, technical director, Saxonica
NOTE Kimon G. Onuma, FAIA, president, Onuma, Inc.

Paper Presentations

There will be over 50 presenters discussing such topics as:
Architecture and Semantics of the Geospatial Web
Business and Policy in the Geoweb
CAD-BIM GIS Integration
GeoWeb in Security and Defense
Data Federation for the GeoWeb
Municipal GeoWeb Applications
Community Collaboration
Real Time Emergency and Public Safety
GeoWeb for Physical Infrastructure


3D Geospatial: Project Implementation Methods and Best Practices - A pertinent discussion in the light of new versions, that include better renderings of 3D buildings, released in Google Earth 4.3 beta and Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D. The Google and Microsoft spokespeople below are available to demonstrate the latest versions.
Google Earth Weather and KML Layers Mapguide Open Source brings Together CAD, GIS and BIM Technologies
BIMStorm Vancouver: Kimon Omuna, a leader in building technologies, will present a live hands-on-workshop incorporating actual buildings and sites in Vancouver. Attendees, and remote users, will be able to log in to see how Mr Omuna creates a Building Information Model and lands it on Google Earth. He will then cover aspects of these sites, including use of energy, security set-ups, the design of buildings and other engineering aspects. Ahead of this session a website will be available for participants to engage in the preparation for the live workshop.
LiDAR: Understanding the Basics of Pulsing Lasers in the Creation of 3D Digital Point Datasets, Map Based RIA Development using Adobe Flex and AIR presented by Senior Technical Evangelist, Duane Nickull and colleague James Ward of Adobe.

1st Student Contest

GeoWeb 1st Student Contest was released this year and submissions were received from Germany, Canada, USA, Austria, Italy, France, and Taiwan. Student works include using Open Source programming, projects such as Bryan Chastain, a Ph.D. student at the University of Texas, who is building a web-based mapping application that lets high school teams select neutral sites for playoff games, and Eric Chang, a student at Ryerson University (Toronto, ON), who is working on a collaboration platform (a bit like Facebook) that lets people in different locations share the same GIS application.

Spark Panel Sessions

A look at three Open Source GIS servers: GeoServer, MapGuide and MapServer and National Critical Infrastructure Data Model: Implications for Local Government and Utilities.The full program schedule is available at geowebconference.org


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