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GraphicConverter Upgraded

with support for bio-formats

We've enjoyed the benefits of owning GraphicConverter for over a decade. This famous and popular image editing and conversion utility for Mac OS X has now been enhanced and upgraded. GraphicConverter is the ultimate tool for image editing, image browsing, metadata editing, slideshows, image conversion from more than 200 file formats and much more. GraphicConverter 6.4.1, is the low cost image editingLemke Software's new GraphicConverter 6.4.1, is the low cost image editing and conversion utility for Mac OS X. Most Mac Photoshop users keep GraphicConverter handy for its image conversion capabilities for more than 200 file formats -- in addition to image editing, image browsing, metadata editing, slideshows, and much more. Version 6.4.1 includes many bug fixes and little enhancements and is a recommended update for all customers.

Lemke Software's new GraphicConverter 6.4.1

New Feature Highlights:
* Support for bio-formats added (with the help of the licensed bio-formats sdk from Glencoe software) (UB)
* Metadata change in the context menu of the browser works now with other formats like TIFF (UB)
* Import of NV12 added
* Import of images of .CWK files added

Updated features:
* Large preview performance in the browser much improved with threading (UB)
* Import support for 32 bit IEEE TIFFs added (UB)
* Option to print delta path added to catalog printing with '&deltapath' (UB)
* Print dialog shows a progress bar during color matching to the print profile (UB)
* Option to select a different location for the iPhoto database added (UB)
* Slideshow respects PSD import prefs (UB)
* Edges and frames are sorted now (UB)

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS 10.4.4 or later for the Universal Binary version
* Mac OS 10.1.5 or later for the X version
* Mac OS 8.6 - 9.2.2 for the Classic version
* 40 MB Hard Drive space

Language support: German, English, French, Danish, Sweden, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Dutch, and Catalan

GraphicConverter 6.4.1 is a free update to registered users of GraphicConverter 6.0-6.4. New users may purchase the software for $34.95 (USD) directly from their website. New users can download a free trial version from their website.

Lemke Software
* GraphicConverter: 6.4.1
* Download : GraphicConverter

Lemke Software is a developer and publisher of Macintosh software since 1992. (C) 2009 Lemke Software, Peine - Germany. - Peine, Germany - Published on 05/01/09


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