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Motionographer Announces 2009 F5

a new festival exploring the intersection of art, design and entertainment

F5, an initiative of Motionographer, is a new festival exploring the intersection of art, design and entertainment. Organized by Justin Cone, creator of Motionographer, and Carlos El Asmar, Executive Creative Director of NBC-Universal and former executive producer of OFFF, F5 will take place in New York City April 16-17, 2009.


F5 will bring together creative directors, motion designers, filmmakers, digital artists, photographers, producers, interactive designers, graphic artists, agency executives, visual effects experts, musicians and industry visionaries - to name only a few. The festival will deliver inspiring presentations and discussions altering the way attendees think about work, life and everything in between.

Organized by passionate people who truly understand the value of community and creativity, F5 seeks to be a meeting place for the brightest minds in the world. "Ideas and inspiration come from strange places - rarely from people who do exactly what you do," said Carlos El Asmar, co-creator of F5 and Executive Creative Director of NBC-Universal. "Justin Cone and I have curated an experience that delivers creative ideas from almost every sector of the creative world."

F5 speakers include Media Molecule (makers of LittleBigPlanet), Jonah Lehrer (author, Proust Was a Neuroscientist and Editor at Large, Seed Magazine), Ed Ulbrich (Digital Domain), 1st Avenue Machine, Doug Jaeger (thehappycorp), PSYOP, Brian DiLorenzo (BBDO New York), Moment Factory, Brian Bowman (Digital Kitchen), Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere), Tali Krakowsky (Imaginary Forces), The Blackheart Gang (Shy The Sun), Danny Yount (Prologue), Shilo, Elan Lee (Fourth Wall Studios), Vivian Rosenthal and Jesse Seppi (Tronic), and Simon Robson and Tim Rayner (The Knife Party). To read more about the speakers and their presentations visit the F5 website.

"We're excited about the line-up for F5. Our team carefully selected topics that are completely horizontal and speakers who are completely cool. We know attendees will be amazed at the wide range of creative experiences that speakers will be sharing," said Justin Cone, co-creator of F5 and editor and publisher of Motionographer.

Topics to be covered by this wide-ranging group of presenters include design presentations on activism, animation, choreography, cross-media experience, game development, motion design, and title sequence design; inspirational topics such as improvisational performance, urban pranksterism, utopia/dystopia and storytelling; presentations on technique including architecture, creative process, entertainment, immersive gaming, interactivity, music and narrative, urban planning, visual effects, filmmaking, live visuals, social networking; and visionary topics like science, the future of entertainment, and art vs. commerce.

Join the F5 community in New York on April 16-17
NOTE F5: http://www.F5Fest.com
NOTE Motionographer: http://www.motionographer.com
NOTE Tickets: http://f5fest.com/tickets/

F5 was founded on the belief that true change occurs when you look outside your world and explore new horizons. The festival fosters creative collisions - unexpected insights from sources you didn't see coming. The goal is nothing less than to change the way you think about your work and your life. - New York, NY - Published on 02/03/09


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