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PDF into Web Site with new publishing platform

Simple, Self-Service Solution -- PageTurnPro transforms PDFs into online publications in five minutes

While publishers have been pushing content online for years, some have balked at the cost and complexity of creating Web-based versions of their publications. Now, PageTurnPro, a simple, affordable solution launched by Journal Publications, eliminates the final barriers to digital publishing.


PageTurnPro is an online, automated digital publishing platform that transforms static PDF files into dynamic, Web-based presentations. The service created by and for publishers offers crucial advantages over existing products in the marketplace.

Unlike competing software, PageTurnPro is a totally automated, self-serve system that allows anyone to manage their own digital publications. PageTurnPro also offers speed and simplicity. Within a few minutes, a publisher can visit www.PageTurnPro.com, upload a PDF version of any multi-page publication or document, and translate it into a vibrant, interactive digital document.

The resulting digital publication is a hosted solution requiring no expensive modifications to a customer's website just a simple link and no additional software to purchase.

Just as important, visitors reading a PageTurnPro document are not required to download third-party software or plug-ins. Instead, they simply access the publication using Adobe's Flash Player, already available on 99% of all PCs.

PageTurnPro customers can choose from several monthly subscription plans, beginning at $39 per month, giving publishers the flexibility of selecting a tier of service that best fits their situation. PageTurnPro is a product of Journal Publications Inc., of Harrisburg, Pa. Larry Kluger, president of Journal Publications, said the company developed PageTurnPro because publishers needed a more affordable, feature-rich digital edition solution.

"Digital availability is an increasingly critical aspect of the publishing business model, with advertisers and readers alike now expecting online content," Kluger said. "Because PageTurnPro was developed with significant input from publishers, we've been able to create a program that addresses needs specific to our industry."

While PageTurnPro is simple, quick and affordable, it also offers state-of-the-art functionality, including these features:
* Automatically links URLs in the text of an online document, benefitting the publisher, advertiser and reader
* An interactive page index that can include thumbnails and links to respective areas of the publication
* Sophisticated analytics, enabling publishers to track and measure views, page flips, click-throughs and more
* Search engine optimized publications for maximum internet traffic

Kluger said PageTurnPro will continue to add features and product enhancements in the coming months. In addition, he said, PageTurnPro's agile development team can create custom solutions based on a specific customer's needs.

PageTurnPro also holds value for companies and organizations other than publishers, because it can convert any document into a Web-based presentation, including newsletters, catalogs, advertising flyers, brochures, annual reports, research documents, proposals and more.

To review examples of existing digital publications that use PageTurnPro, to find pricing information or to upload a publication for a complimentary trial, visit www.PageTurnPro.com

Journal Publications, Inc. is a multi-title publishing and events management company with operations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Founded in 1984, JPI publishes business journals, consumer magazines and custom publications. JPI also plans and manages dozens of events annually for company-owned products as well as for external customers. Additionally, JPI offers value added services to the business community through its two subsidiaries Best Companies Group, who coordinates "Best Places to Work" surveys nationwide, and Black Rhino Media, a full-service interactive media solutions company offering web development, Internet marketing and other custom media services.


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