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New Version of Artlandia SymmetryWorks

popular pattern design plug-in for Adobe Illustrator

Artlandia, Inc. has released a new major version of Artlandia SymmetryWorks, the popular pattern design plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. The new version comes in two flavors -- SymmetryWorks 5, an upgrade of the plug-in itself, and SymmetryWorks LP, a combination with another Artlandia plug-in, LivePresets. SymmetryWorks 5 significantly simplifies the creation of repeat patterns using the insertion mode, streamlined export of finished patterns, and support for new types of objects and pattern classes. SymmetryWorks LP further improves the pattern design workflow by allowing interactive editing of complex pattern components and by creating live links between SymmetryWorks patterns and other artwork objects.

Artlandia SymmetryWorks automatically creates a repeat pattern from selected Illustrator objects (motif) and instantly updates the pattern when the designer edits the motif. With the new insertion mode, the designer can now draw freehand into the pattern using any of the Illustrator drawing tools or a Wacom tablet. The plug-in adds the new objects to the motif and automatically puts them in repeat.


At the other end of the pattern creation process, SymmetryWorks 5 features a one-click export of the finished pattern as an Illustrator pattern swatch. The swatch immediately becomes available as a seamless pattern fill in the Swatches palette.

SymmetryWorks 5 also adds support for Illustrator blends, compound shapes, and symbols, further simplifying the creation of all-over, tossed, optical, rotational, and guilloche patterns, as well as tessellations, harmonic growth, and other complex geometric designs, including nested patterns (patterns in patterns). By supporting Illustrator symbolism tools, the new version makes the creation of repeat patterns as easy as spraying symbols into the pattern with the Symbol Sprayer tool.

SymmetryWorks has always allowed the creation of all the essential parts of engineered designs, including centerpieces, internal/filler parts, and edge/boundary parts. With the new version, the user can now easily combine all the pieces together and create a complete design for scarves, kerchiefs, bandannas, carpets, rugs, and generally any design that fits a specific shape.

With SymmetryWorks LP, a tightly integrated combination of SymmetryWorks 5 and recently released Artlandia LivePresets, the user not only edits the SymmetryWorks pattern itself, but simultaneously updates other objects in the artwork that are painted with that pattern. SymmetryWorks LP further allows the designer to interactively edit symbol-based all-over and other designs that now potentially include very complex components.


The plug-in requires Illustrator 10 or a later version (Illustrator CS2 or later recommended) and is immediately available for all Mac OS and Windows operating systems. The full downloadable versions of SymmetryWorks 5 and SymmetryWorks LP cost $249 and $364, respectively, and the upgrades from earlier versions of SymmetryWorks cost $75 and $190, respectively. SymmetryWorks LP can also be purchased in the package with Artlandia SymmetryShop for Photoshop for $584. More information is available on the Artlandia web site

Screen shots in high and screen resolution are available at artlandia.com.(C) 2009 by Artlandia, Inc. Artlandia, SymmetryWorks, SymmetryShop, and LivePresets are registered trademarks of Artlandia, Inc.


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