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Taking payment Online

Sanjou Gokhool

Taking payment Online If you are doing a business online, then you might want to take payment online too. Website design has reached a much better level where payment through credit card can be accepted over the Web. Such web design solutions would have been deemed impossible a decade in the past. If you want to take payment online, good organisation of your website design is crucial. There are several options that can get your website design fully prepared to accept payment online.

The first and easiest option

The first and easiest option to get your website design on track to accept online payment is by using PayPal. PayPal accounts are relatively easy to set up in your website design and you can take credit card payments almost straight away. As such, you may easily have a look at the website design of certain ecommerce websites including eBay that accept payment via PayPal. This said, it shows that PayPal is a reliable source for taking payment and can be set up in your website design without too much hassle. PayPal takes a percentage of 2-3 percent out of each transaction and the rest of the money goes into your PayPal account. PayPal is broadly used in website design so people are likely to trust it to be safe. Other alternatives to PayPal also exist. These are Propay and Nochex and may as well be easily set up in your website design.

Internet Merchant Accounts

Moreover, you could as well use fine website design techniques to set up an Internet Merchant Account to take payment online. You have to make an agreement with your bank first and then use online credit card processing companies such as Worldpay or Verisign to handle the credit card transactions. Appropriate website design techniques have to be used to enable the smooth processing of transactions. Also, with user friendly website design characteristics, your users will not get confused and know how to successfully make a payment. If forms have to be filled, make sure you break them up into several sections using proper website design solutions. You may label your process, for example, Step 1, Step 2, etc. so that users know where they actually are, while filling the form. Such usability features can be achieved by applying good website design techniques throughout the whole website.

Internet Merchant AccountAlso, with an Internet Merchant Account, depending on the provider, the money can be transferred directly into your bank account. On the other end, it may even take several weeks before you obtain the money. However, before you modify your website design to include an Internet Merchant Account, you have to think well. Normally, Internet Merchant Accounts will require you to pay a set up fee and a fixed monthly fee as well as an additional charge per transaction. So, unless you sell large volumes, this is an option that might not be as profitable for you.

Hire a professional

If you are less conversant with website design, then you might leave the job for professionals to do.  There are many website design companies that can build you a website ready to take payments online.

Sanjou Gokhool

Sanjou Gokhool posted this article from the Republic of Mauritius, an island nation off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. Sanjou is a Professional article writer for Discount Web Design specialising in web design and website development.


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