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Voice-To-Text for iPhone

use your iPhone to record short voice messages

QuickVoice PRO RecorderQuickVoice PRO Recorder brings high tech Voice-to-Text emailing to the iPhone platform! QuickVoice's Voice-to-Text technology is powered by SpinVox, the world's largest commercial speech platform.

QuickVoice PRO RecorderThe existing QuickVoice for the iPhone and personal computer already conveniently records voice notes, reminders, dictations, meetings, interviews, shopping lists, to do lists, and even entire lectures and multi-session seminars. And now, QuickVoice Pro users will be able to use their iPhones to record short voice messages, which are automatically converted to perfectly formatted text emails by SpinVox and sent to the email inbox of the user's choice.

It's no secret typing emails on the iPhone's keyboard can be quite challenging. "We see no reason why many users won't simply abandon the tedious task of typing text emails in favor of simply touching, speaking, and sending ... It's that easy!" says Kerrie-Lynn Corcoran, business manager for nFinity. "QuickVoice's Voice-to-Text emailing feature represents a huge step forward for the iPhone's audio interface." Corcoran also notes there are other benefits of the new Voice-to-Text feature. "Aside from making life easier there are also the safety benefits of using voice-to-text. It's also a great "accessibility" feature as well."

QuickVoice PRO can be purchased at the introductory price of 99-cents. QuickVoice PRO provides the same great features of its "free" voice recorder including the capability to send voicemails up to 20MB, Voice-to-Text email and also a free bonus copy of its award winning QuickVoice pC for Mac and Windows.

QuickVoice iP is the premier voice recorder for the iPhone and in a short time became the #1 voice recorder in approximately 40 countries. The QuickVoice pC bonus software for desktop and laptop computers has also received numerous accolades including the prestigious "Macworld Best Software Under $40." Together these two apps provide tremendous versatility to iPhone and computer users alike. Features include: 1-touch record and save, voice email, voice reminders, desktop voice stickies, audio editing, and more.

Minimum Requirements: iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0 or later

Pricing and Availability: QuickVoice PRO can be purchased for $0.99 (USD) from Apple's App Store directly using the iPhone or through iTunes running on personal computers.

QuickVoice PRO
QuickVoice iP
QuickVoice PC
Download and Purchase: ax.itunes.apple.com
SpinVox: http://www.spinvox.com

Headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island, nFinity, Inc is a privately funded software company founded in 2001 with emphasis placed on product quality, value, and customer satisfaction. nFinity's award winning software products for Mac OS X, Windows, and Apple iPhone 2.0 platforms have earned them only the highest accolades by way of customer and editorial reviews. QuickVoice and desktopADvantage are registered trademarks of nFinity Inc. Copyright 2001-2008 nFinity, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. - Lincoln, Rhode Island - Published on 05/11/09


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