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Vector Drawing for OS X

adds French and Spanish language localizations

Chromatic Bytes has launched ZeusDraw 1.3.3, an update to its Mac OS X vector drawing program. ZeusDraw is a vector drawing program with a fluid, graceful interface, great brushes and a host of other features. ZeusDraw 1.3.3 adds French and Spanish language localizations. It also fixes a several minor bugs in offsetting and PDF conversion.

ZeusDraw Features:

* Color managed (RGB and CMYK)
* Converts PDF to editable objects
* Full layer system
* Gradients can be edited live, in-place on the objects they fill
* Multi-Copy tool to place multiple copies along a line, an arc, a circle or a path
* No text boxes. ZeusDraw has in-place editing of text, even if it has been scaled sheared or rotated
* Construction and layout aids: Snap to Grid, Snap to Path, Snap to Point,
* Snap to Angle and automatic alignment guides
* By gesture or by the numbers. ZeusDraw allows precise setting of the size and position of objects
* Actual size viewing. With ZeusDraw 100% means 100%
* No size limits. If you're making a banner or a billboard, ZeusDraw will work for you
* E-mail artwork from within the program
* Easy to use path tools. Points are entered in order and can be edited at any time while the path is being created. When editing, all points are immediately editable - there is no confusing secondary selection tool
* Both vector brushes and textured, pixel-based brushes that remain objects that can be selected, edited (path and attributes), moved, scaled and rotated
* Color Picker. ZeusDraw adds a pane to the Color Picker to allow you to choose from a grid of closely related colors

Minimum Requirements: * Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger or higher * Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel

Pricing and Availability:
      ZeusDraw 1.3.3 is $90 (USD) for new users. This is a free update for currently registered users. A fully functional 30-day free trial is available from the Chromatic Bytes website. ZeusDraw is localized for English, German, French and Spanish. German, French and Spanish language sales and support are provided by danholt4mac (DanHolt Consulting).

ZeusDraw 1.3.3
Download ZeusDraw: ZeusDraw1.3.3.dmg

Located in New York City, Chromatic Bytes, LCC makes Macintosh software for OS X, specializing in graphic arts software and iPhone applications. Located in New York City, Chromatic Bytes, LLC makes Macintosh software for OS X, specializing in graphic arts software and iPhone applications. Copyright 2008 Chromatic Bytes, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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