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Ringtones to Help Children of Nepal

an organization that provides care to impoverished Nepali children

iRingPro, makers of critically acclaimed iPhone ringtones, will be donating a portion of every ringtone sale to benefit Children of Nepal, an organization that provides a culturally appropriate Steiner education, along with meals and medical care, to underprivileged Nepali children, among the poorest in the world.

"When I discovered what overwhelming challenges these innocent kids face everyday," said iRingPro founder Joel Hladecek, "horrific conditions that many of us here can't imagine, and what little it takes to help, I realized that we could make a meaningful difference."

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is estimated that 20 million Nepalis will be living in absolute poverty by the year 2010. Children of Nepal's mission is to provide impoverished Nepali children with a positive, nurturing, and stimulating environment in their early years. Such care and education is considered critical in building a sense of safety and a foundation of opportunity for these needy children.

"We're thrilled to see the power of online fundraising reach this overlooked community of disadvantaged Nepali children," said Rachel Amtzis, Fundraiser for Children of Nepal, "Children of Nepal is grateful that iRingPro has stepped up and volunteered their support of our organization, and we sincerely hope it's a model others will follow."

"We chose Children of Nepal because we recognize that providing support in this case is not as simple as donating money to any charity or orphanage in the region." Hladecek added.

In fact the situation in Nepal is so desperate that for some Nepali families, orphanages are considered superior to staying at home. As such it is not uncommon for parents to abandon their children at an orphanage in hopes that the child will have a better life.

To avoid generating a culture of dependency, the Children of Nepal's Tashi Waldorf school's families contribute to their child's tuition according to their means.

Hladecek noted that software piracy could theoretically limit iRingPro's effort to help Children of Nepal.

"Any digital content can be pirated today." He said, "We just hope that would-be file-sharers in this case pause a moment to reflect on the devastating impact of stealing from these innocent, needy children. When a dollar buys a day of meals, a single shared file would have a direct and heart-wrenching impact."

Children of Nepal was established in 1996 in association with The Rudolf Steiner Foundation (now known as RSF Social Finance) to provide education and support to Nepalese children. The organization's first project was to create a Waldorf kindergarten in an orphanage in Kathmandu. Children of Nepal trained staff in teaching and management, and in 1999, the project was handed over to the kindergarten's Nepalese staff. In 2000, Children of Nepal established the Tashi Waldorf School in an area on the outskirts of Kathmandu. As of May 2008, there are 124 children attending the school in a nursery, three kindergartens and classes 1 through 3.

iRingPro: www.iringpro.com
Children of Nepal: www.childrenofnepal.org

Joel Hladecek, veteran of interactive media and technology companies, founded Hladecek LLC and iRingPro.com to challenge the software industry's aesthetic conventions through superior creative development. Previously co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Red Sky Interactive, Modstream Inc, and Harmony Digital Media Consortium, LLC. Recently Managing Partner of Innovation at PHD, an Omnicom media firm. He maintains a blog, The Interactivist. Hladecek, llc is the world's first luxury software company. Its initial line of Professional iPhone Ringtones, launched under the brand iRingPro, has established a new level of sophistication and etiquette in cellular phone call reporting. - San Francisco, CA/USA - Published on 01/20/09


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