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Review: iWork 09 The Missing Manual

Reviewed by Hartley Jackson

iWork 09 The Missing Manual, Josh ClarkFrom the overall organization of iWork '09: The Missing Manual to the examples used and phrases selected, Josh Clark has written this book to show us how to do what we want to do in iWork. He has succeeded. It is much better than just a manual.

Other iWork books are organized based upon the history of the program's development. They start with Keynote. iWork '09 The Missing Manual starts with Pages because that is what most people will use first.

You start with writing in Pages text mode, and are soon learning how to use the new outline features to organize your small book.

You learn that in text mode the text flows like rivers, but layout mode puts text in boxes like islands. You learn to flow your text from one island to the next.

Other iWork books all tell you how to put a text box and a picture on a page. That is not enough when you are looking at a blank page and wondering how to design your own layout.

Josh Clark shows you how to create a 6 column, or 5 column grid, and how to use it to align your objects to create your layout.

He has included more interesting information and useful tips than you will find in most manuals. Here are some examples:

Photoshop Link Why does Pages open at 125% resolution when 100% is the "actual size?" This book has the answer.

Photoshop Link If you make a mistake when you ask your Macintosh to learn a new word, here you will learn how to remove it from your dictionary.

Photoshop Link He also tells you how to match a color in your photograph so you can use it in other objects.

In iWork '09 The Missing Manual you will learn more than the instructions for Keynote. You will learn how to plan, make and give a Keynote presentation that will engage your audience in your story, and to not use bullet points to tell your story. You will also learn when you should and should not use the new transitions.

The examples Josh Clark uses are suitable for most of us. To teach us to use Numbers, he uses a membership roster as an example of using a formula to transform text, and uses logic formulas to summarize our team's baseball statistics.

You will also learn about sheets and tables as well as the new multi-row headers and footers, and freezing the header for large spreadsheets.

As I read iWork '09 The Missing Manual I got the impression that Josh Clark really enjoyed writing this wonderful book. Because I thought he enjoyed writing it, I enjoyed reading it.

After reading the online in Rough Cut, I am buying the book. If you read this far, I believe you will want to buy it too.

iWork 09 The Missing Manual
by Josh Clark
Audience: All Mac computer users
Level : Beginner: with some knowledge
I rank this book as: FIVE stars: outstanding, the best

With iWork '09: The Missing Manual, you'll quickly learn everything you need to know about Apple's incredible productivity programs, including the Pages word-processor, the Numbers spreadsheet, and the Keynote presentation program that Al Gore and Steve Jobs made famous. This book gives you crystal-clear and jargon-free explanations of iWork's capabilities, advantages, and limitations to help you produce stunning documents and cinema-quality digital presentations in no time.


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