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PowerPoint Tips: Keep Your Audience Awake

Avoid snore presentations

Don't you hate it when you learn you'll have to watch a 'powerpoint'? Isn't it interesting how the word 'powerpoint' has come to stand for any kind of presentation no matter what software they're using or how it's being presented.

Thomas Wailgum, CIO editor says:
      "Some might argue that PowerPoint is a crutch to knowledge workers everywhere who think pie charts and sound effects can cover up weaknesses in their public-speaking skills. "

So, he presents a collection of design tips and technical tricks to get you on the road to improvement:
1. Apply a template to jump start your presentation.
2. Add sound effects in your slides.
3. Insert a chart or graph into your presentation.
4. Add transitions between slides.
5. Apply an animation effect to text or an object.
6. Have your presentations start in Screen Show view automatically.
7. E-mail links in your presentations.
8. Print handouts of your slides
9. Add a password to your PowerPoint presentation
10. Important keyboard shortcuts to know
UGNN Alert 10 PowerPoint Tips: Keep Your Audience Awake

Improving Your Presentation Strategies

CIO's Tom Bunzel, provides another set of tips when you need to convey complex information to get the approval of peers or higher ups. If you're like a lot of us, you're likely to throw everything you know onto a set of slides, hoping the random set of bullet points will result in project approval or funding. After all, you don't have the time to learn all the ins and outs of your presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote).
1) Plan and Structure Your Presentation
2) Identify the Pain
3) Use Visual Metaphors or Stories
4) Animate to Communicate
5) Summarize an Action Plan
6) Learn to Close Quickly and from Any Time
UGNN Alert Bite the Bullet: Improving Your Presentation Strategies

Powerpoint Design considerations

Ayca Yuksel, product manager for Microsoft Office PowerPoint, shares five design tips and five technical tricks for those who are new to the application. Here are her 10 best tips as well as instructions on how to get at the functionalities in PowerPoint.

Microsoft has created video demos for beginner PowerPoint users, which can be found at office.microsoft.com
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But remember always :

Good ideas presented with non-technical skills are still better than mediocre ideas presented with technical savvy. Work on the ideas and content before you even launch the computer.


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