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Art News: From MyArtSpace Weekly

MyArtSpace is the free community with unlimited uploads, galleries and features for artists that want to use the myartspace platform as their primary communication and outreach tool, their eCommerce engine to sell their work and their social link to collectors, critics, and peers. The New York Art Exchange was launched on December 2, 2008 by CatMacArt Corporation.

Kristina Bell DiTullo
Kristina Bell DiTullo was born in New York State and now resides in Cambridge, MA. She holds a BFA in Illustration from The Rhode Island School of Design and an MA in Art Therapy from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a visual artist working in a range of media showing work nationally in the USA in group shows. Her work is inspired by architecture, industrial structures, urban development, social patterns, human relationships, consumer culture, psychology and all the other musing that occur around her. DiTullo also maintains her work as an art therapist on a part-time basis.
Seth Scantlen
Seth Scantlen received his BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Painting and Printmaking in 2002. Seth is currently an MFA Candidate at Columbia University. His work has been exhibited extensively.
Michelle Rogers
Michelle Rogers grew up in a small-industrialized town in Ireland called Dundalk on the strained border between North and the South, at the height of the troubles. As an artist, although it inspired her, she chose not to dwell initially on the conflict so close to home. Her earliest paintings centered on the Gulf War, and it was in response to this work that Amnesty International selected her to go to Bosnia in 1993. This trip was the impetus for a Dark Heart an impressive series of paintings about the darker side of human nature in which, according to Nicholas Bergman, curator at New York's Caelum Gallery "she sensitively creates a mood of moral decay, of spiritual darkness and despair, there is, simultaneously, a grandeur to the work, which, harks back to the masters - Goya in particular."
I am From Where I Am
Kara Gunter
Kara Gunter is currently an MFA Candidate of Sculpture with a Minor of Ceramics at the University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC. She holds a BFA in Sculpture from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
Rote Dysfunction
Jeffrey Allen Price
Jeffrey Allen Price is a multi-media installation artist. His work often alludes to natural processes such as growth and decay and ultimately comments on consumerism and materialistic culture. His work is process-based, and often contains humorous and playful elements. Upon closer inspection these works reveal multi-layered interpretations. His works have been shown internationally and have been featured in The New York Times and on the Food Network. Jeffrey Allen Price is also an Assistant Professor of Studio Art York College in Jamaica, Queens, NY and an Assistant Professor of Art History at Hofstra University.
Nikki Sass
In her own words "After moving to California I began experimenting with patinaed steel. The work as a whole is a pursuit to embody the ambiance and materials found in post-industrial areas along with my early perspectives on these places. The color combinations derive from my daily environment: peeling bathroom paint, paper on telephone poles, foundling mattresses. I'm interested in the texture resulting from the layering of paint, the physical process of chipping and scrubbing it away, and the timeline that emerges.

Dilapidation, neglect, and seclusion regularly surface as themes. The focus is based on the unintentional allure they can cause, rather than the negative connotations associated with them. These coexist with, what at times, is sweet and girlish. The contrast is a metaphor between me and the surroundings I lived in while young. Wearing a pink sequined skating costume while driving past incinerators, dye shops, and titty bars; and, the grey snow half melted on the lawns of half burnt homes near the doctor's office are some of the memories that reverberate subtly throughout my work."
Things I've done this spring
Geoff Tate (Queensryche)
Queensryche, formed in 1981, is considered to be one of the most influential bands to rise in the 1980s-- largely due to the fact that Queensryche broke from the marketable direction that was expected from bands in that era. Throughout the 1980s Queensryche delivered something more than just songs about sex, fun, and hangover memories-- they delivered socially charged songs that challenge the listeners perception of the world and relationships around us. Today they continue to carve their own path musically and conceptually.

For nearly three decades the band has meshed aspects of visual art, video art, and performance art into their performances on stage. Due to their thought provoking lyrics, sound, and performances the band has been dubbed the "thinking man's heavy metal band". Concept albums by Queensryche, such as Operation: Mindcrime, are often mentioned alongside other notable concept albums, such as The Who's Tommy and Pink Floyd's The Wall. To date over 20 million Queensryche albums have been sold worldwide. We interviewed Geoff Tate from the band...
Qi Peng
qi peng was born in Queens, New York in 1976 and received his masters degree at Yale University. He is a conceptual artist who executes "interviews" as a form of collaborative portraits with various art professionals and also uses primary/secondary documents to examine the contemporary art market. Occasionally he does paintings, photographs, and works on paper. The artist's studio is located near downtown Salt Lake City and he works sometimes in New York City for street art or fine art special projects.

He has been exhibited in various places including the Projects Gallery, The Lab at Belmar, modern8 Gallery, James Cohan Gallery/NURTUREart, Metro Pictures, Art Raw Gallery, and Anna Kustera. qi peng is currently represented by The Barbara Ann Levy Gallery based out of West Palm Beach, Florida ( qi peng will have his first solo show at Envoy Gallery located in Lower East Side, New York City during June 2009.
Anthony Liu
Through painting, Antony Liu makes sense of broken things and searches for subtle beauty in the midst of discord. Liu states that he believes in the coexistence of things, but not in their equality. He explains that where conflict reigns, the possibility of harmony is present. He attempts to find bridges in order to situate what is displaced. Thus, his work reflects an interest in the unchanging laws of color science and theory. Liu states that he finds a sense of security in the fact that what we see can be identified and categorized.
Sarah Maple
Sarah Maple has been called many things due to her art-- some people have lashed out at her with vulgar anonymous messages, others have praised her for her bravery and humor, some have called her the heir to Tracey Emin's throne. One thing is for certain-- she is not going to stop.

In my opinion, your art, specifically your series of photographs, documents aspects of cultural growth and expansion in that it captures the essence of youthful rebellion that has dominated culture, politics, and even religion in the last decade or so. In other words, if your art is shocking it is because society-- today-- is shocking. With that in mind-- your work grows with us and is therefore valid. What are your thoughts on this?
Allise Noble
Allise Noble states that attention to detail is an important aspect of her artwork. Her primary work involves drawing meshed with other mediums-- such as paint. Noble's art has been described as whimsical and soft without structure-- a balance between a visual display of reality and the makings of dreams.

In a sense, Noble explore psychology-- specifically the psychology of identity-- within her work. The thoughts of her subjects are hidden and ambiguous. The viewer must look to the surroundings and other elements in order to solve the puzzle of what is in the subject's mind. Noble strives to create work that conveys more than one meaning. Thus, her body of work is open to the interpretation of viewers.
Noah Becker
Noah Becker is an artist from Victoria, BC, Canada. He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Whitehot Magazine. Becker's paintings involve landscapes that have been described as "floating continents". These continents are packed with characters placed in various situations. Becker describes his continents as a format for the placement of objects that either relate to each other thematically or relate in a manner that is non-linear, but narrative of something sublime or intense.

As Editor-in-Chief of Whitehot Magazine (WM), Becker maintains a roster of over 130 journalists covering the art world with reports, reviews and interviews from around the world. WM publishes a print magazine and online magazine and offers a press release and posting area for galleries and artists to promote their projects. The WM website receives an average of 36,000 visitors per month.

Whitehot Magazine focuses on reviews of exhibitions and interviews with important figures in the art world. WM states that they are committed to assisting with promoting new gallery spaces or discussing important work with established artists and most importantly - creating effective connections, criticism, promotions, and other face-to-face opportunities such as curated events and discussions.


MyArtSpace Weekly
      -- MyArtSpace is the free community with unlimited uploads, galleries and features for artists that want to use the myartspace platform as their primary communication and outreach tool, their eCommerce engine to sell their work and their social link to collectors, critics, and peers. The New York Art Exchange was launched on December 2, 2008 by CatMacArt Corporation.

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