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Art News: From MyArtSpace Weekly

MyArtSpace is the free community with unlimited uploads, galleries and features for artists that want to use the myartspace platform as their primary communication and outreach tool, their eCommerce engine to sell their work and their social link to collectors, critics, and peers. The New York Art Exchange was launched on December 2, 2008 by CatMacArt Corporation.

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Lydia Panas
Lydia Panas has exhibited widely throughout the United States, and is gaining attention in Europe and Asia. Presently, her work is included in a group exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai. She was one of the top fifty photographers selected for the Critical Mass book competition in 2008 and one of nine artists chosen by FotoFest curators for the International Discoveries exhibit in 2007.

She has won numerous awards and honors including, most recently, First Prize for the 2009 publisher's choice: singular image at center, santa fe. Second Prize in the 2009 Korean Cultural center Annual Juried Exhibition, a Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts grant, a John Anson Kittredge Grant, and a Puffin Foundation Grant among others. Her work is included in numerous collections including Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Allentown Art Museum, Lehigh University, Center for Photography at Woodstock, and Maine Photographic Workshops.

Lydia has taught at many institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum, Lafayette, Muhlenberg, and Moravian Colleges, Kutztown University and the Maine Photographic Workshops. the MFA program at Vermont College, and the Baum School of Art/Lehigh Carbon Community College. She has received secondary degrees from Boston College, The School of Visual Arts and New York University/International Center of Photography. Lydia was awarded a Whitney Museum Independent Study Fellowship.
Rassan Cobbs
In his own words "Born in Newark, NJ ( original brick city) in the late 70's to an "astronaut" mom and a gear head father. I had the benefit of a very early exposure to the arts being that ma dukes was an aspiring artist herself. Arts and crafts time was the best time.But like many american families of little means there was no support or money to encourage my raw talents, so the world of comics became my surrogate university. Through out years of hardship and a intense but unfruitful venture into music I made the decision to share my GOD given talent with whomever happened to be born with working optics. After a divorce and seven year stent in the US Navy, I brushed up with some drawing and design fundamentals at the Tidewater Community College School of Visual Arts and refound my passion. Here I am today, but a mere infant yet seizing every opportunity to grow in my craft. P.S. That's the whiney tear jerker intro for the media. We'll tell them what the "dirty" before the Mythology means in the behind the scenes footage."
Dirty Little Myth
Barbara Horiuchi
In her own words "I am a third generation Japanese-American, a Sansei. In my current art I explore the repercussions of trauma born from issues of injustice. This examination wells from personal familial experiences; immigration, the historic internment experience during WWII, marginalization, loss, and attempts at recovery. The information processed from these experiences was passed to me by a culturally-influenced, verbal and visual language which often was not articulated directly but indirectly expressed. This information informs my work and shapes the manner in which it is conceived, constructed and created." She holds an MFA and Bachelor's degree from San Jose State University.
David Regan
In David's own words "Although I had majored in Communication Arts and began working as an illustrator right out of college, it was important to me to cultivate a personal artistic direction, so the first years after college I did a lot of exploration in painting and sculpture. I experimented with realistic, abstract, conceptual and non-objective styles. Through this exploration I found focus in what I wanted to paint and what I wanted to pursue as an artist.

Having spent most of my life in an urban to sub-urban environment I have a deep appreciation of nature and it is at the core of my inspiration as a painter. Throughout the bodies of work that I have developed there is a consistency in trying to capture that ineffable, emotional response one has while feeling connected to his or her natural environment. This connection, I feel, cannot be captured through realistic interpretation but rather through emulating the cycles, struggles, and harmonious conflicts ever present in the natural world through paint and composition." David earned an MFA in Fine Art from MICA (Maryland Institute of Art).
NYAXE Submission 4/19
Cobi Moules
Cobi is an MFA Candidate at the Tufts University/ School of the Museum of Fine Arts and holds a BFA from San Jose State University.
Current Works
Morgan Riccilli Slade
The work of Morgan Riccilli Slade is at once mysterious and seductive. His large paintings engage viewers with rich visual storytelling. Bold, bright colors layered and woven around seeming disparate images pop off the canvas. Nostalgic silhouettes referencing childhood lend a sweet tone to otherwise satirical social messages. At first benign, they innocently urge you closer until the narrative surfaces. Slade's works on paper and video balance a keen sense of history and photographic nostalgia while capturing a modern elegance and bold graphic style.

Morgan Riccilli Slade studied Fine Art, Photography and Photographic Theory at the University of California at Santa Cruz. After graduating in 1991 he has exhibited work in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose, and continues to work in multiple mediums in art and design.
LeRoy Howard
Born and raised in Houston, Texas, LeRoy Howard is a fine-art photographer, based in Berkeley, California. LeRoy photographs himself, nude, with Japanese dance masks, fans and other cultural artifacts. He constructs in-camera multiple exposures into dreamlike or psychological narratives, improvising within unfinished construction and various rooms in his home.

Since 2002 he has shown his work in Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Kobe and Sakai, Japan. His recent work explores the uses of narrative and the personal experience within the built space in defining the self.
Nick Weber
Nick Weber is known for carving figures out of the darkness. His illuminating artwork creates a nocturnal narrative that is established by night lights or the glow of a lit cigarette. Painting in oil on canvas, Weber explores issues such as class, sexuality, and the fragility of male self-esteem. Viewers have described Weber as a modern day Rembrandt. He studied art at Stanford University. Nick Weber was recently selected for representation at the NYAXE Gallery in Palo Alto, CA.
Ami Muranetz
Ami Muranetz was born and raised on Vancouver Island. Muranetz has shown in solo and group shows across British Columbia. In 2001, she was one of twelve finalist's in Nescafe's Big Break Awards in Acapulco, Mexico for young entrepreneurs in Canada. While traveling and teaching throughout China Muranetz spent the majority of her spare time researching the major world religions including Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism, Christianity, and various Pagan beliefs.

Through the comparison of these diverse ideologies she sought to express the commonalities through her art. She has stated that her work began to tell stories that included not only her own cultural perspective, but also shared symbols and meanings that exist in all nations.
Valerie Gillespie
Valerie Gillespie is an artist who utilizes text within her visual message. She states that she is an advocate for art that speaks. Gillespie has exhibited at Local Color Gallery in Dallas and Arlington, Texas. She has also exhibited at Janette Kennedy Gallery in Dallas, Texas. She studied art at Randolph College and is currently attending graduate school at New York University.
Rassan Cobbs
Rassan Cobbs is an artist from Newark, NJ. Cobbs describes his work as "Dirty Mythology" due to the fact that he infuses elements of the fantastic into ordinary scenes. In Cobbs world, which has been described as urban gothic, a grazing rhino becomes a device for time travel while a businessman deflects bombs and birds with his umbrella.
Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern
Wikipedia Art is Dead. Long Live Wikipedia Art. (Before they kill it again.) On February 14th, 2009 - in a nod to the infamous ILOVEYOU email virus - Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern launched a page on Wikipedia called "Wikipedia Art." The idea: art that anyone can edit. They simultaneously oversaw the publication of several online articles about the work, and cited these back on the Wikipedia entry page itself, so as to circumvent immediate deletion by strict Wikipedia editors.

Wikipedia Art was made "legitimate" and "encyclopedia-worthy" by Wikipedia's own standards of verifiability, since its page referenced what are considered credible sources by Wikipedia's own editors - including this very blog. The project lived on Wikipedia for approximately 15 hours as an intervention, performance and artwork, before it was removed by one of their administrators.

Between the writing and publication of this article, Kildall and Stern were contacted by lawyers representing the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia. They were challenged under trademark law for using the name "Wikipedia" in their project and specifically asked to transfer the domain name to Wikimedia. The artists are currently in negotiations with their lawyers. While their research has concluded that Wikipedia Art is protected under fair use laws, Wikimedia nevertheless has deeper pockets than the artists. Updates will be intermittently posted on, while it lasts. The performance continues...


MyArtSpace Weekly
      -- MyArtSpace is the free community with unlimited uploads, galleries and features for artists that want to use the myartspace platform as their primary communication and outreach tool, their eCommerce engine to sell their work and their social link to collectors, critics, and peers. The New York Art Exchange was launched on December 2, 2008 by CatMacArt Corporation.

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