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A big thanks to DesignQuote for their contributions to the Design Center and design center readers. We've used these guys for years, and can personally recommend them as the best resource for lead sourcing. Bringing together designers and clients since 2006


Worldlabel.Com supports the Design Center and DTG Magazine year after year with Laser Labels and Inkjet Labels compatible with Avery and other brands for all types of printers ~~ address, mailing, shipping, CD, media, specialty and more...
Worldlabel.Com for labels Learn more and Download templates

Artlandia: Photoshop / Illustrator dreams come true

Artlandia, Inc., based in Champaign, IL, was established in 1995 to develop and market award-winning graphic design software -- and that's exactly what they did! Their programs for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are simply awesome. We love'em! They have supported the Design Center since their first Illustrator product. Now, again they support Photoshop users everywhere for the Seventh YEAR in a row! You can tell'em Fred sent you!


StockLayouts has been a supporter of the Design Center for many years, providing affordably priced graphic design solutions for graphic design firms, corporate marketing departments, advertising agencies, small businesses, commercial printing and publishing companies. Check out their wide array of professional templates and layouts!

We thank these partners for supporting the Design Center, DT&G Magazine and WebDesign & Review. Their contributions help us continue to provide high quality online services free to hundreds of thousands of readers... nearly 40 million since opening on the Web in 1994.

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