Design Center Random Server Snapshots

Plowing through hundreds of server reports is not our idea of a good time -- much less analyzing server logs which are text files ranging from 15 to 30 gigabytes for any given day. However, every once in a while it's interesting to poke around for a few hours to see what's what in the Design Center.

The following are "snapshots" single day July and August samplings:

1. A Summary for : February 12 - 18 (Media Temple)

2. Top 30 pages for February 12 - 18 Note totals for week. (Media Temple)

3. Top 10 pages for February 5 - 11 Note totals for week. (Media Temple)


Directory accesses: July 14, 2009

Directory accesses: July 29, 2009

Directory accesses: August 4, 2009

Directory accesses: August 6, 2009

Previously: are "snapshots" from random 2nd quarter days.

3 Days in April, 2009: the executive summary of activities for April 20, 21 and 22. (PNG)

Top Directory Access for April 29, 2009 PNG

Top Directory Access for April 30, 2009 PNG

Top Directory Access: fast forward to May 4, 2009 PNG

Top Documents Report for April 29, 2009 PNG



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