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Since the image quality is so close to the other digital cameras in this price range we concentrated on actual use of the camera rather than image. All of the cameras we tested in the $600 to $1,000 range will produce similar results.

Although the D-600L felt good in hand, I personally found it a bit small for my grasp in action and snap shot photography situations. When holding it as the design intends, my trigger finger seems to be about an inch too long. The pictures you see in the ads are deceiving and make the camera look bigger than it really is. The shape is a drawback if you plan to carry it to social and family snapshot outings.
Another problem arises if you are left-eyed like I am. If you're right-eyed, or can make yourself become right-eyed you're okay. However every time I used the viewfinder my big nose left a nice nose-print right in the middle of the LCD panel! (I left on the protective cellophane so it wasn't harmed -- unfortunately they didn't give me the camera and I have to send it back.)
__ The camera came just in time for the Star Trek Voyager products we are shooting for the new web site, so we had a good opportunity for extensive testing in the studio. This is where we feel the D-600L really shines. (See sister article on shooting for Voyager in 9811 DT&G.) The product shots (even at medium resolution,) were delicious for web use. At high resolution we could read the 8 point type on the boxes very clearly, and we would have no reservations using the shots for catalog or small space ad use in color on good coated stocks. It's that good!
__ The view finder allowed very accurate focusing and product positioning and we really did get what we saw through the viewfinder. With the D-600L 's color and exposure correction through-the-lens the shots turned out perfect without using the flash or making adjustments to the exposure. We used our standard studio set-up. (See: "Digital Studio" in the &FOTOgraphic department of the website.) All of the photos taken needed little or no touch-up other than background treatments or shadow removal. And we just placed one in a B&W print-media ad which will work just fine.

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