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As with many digital cameras, you can review your images with the LCD. To save battery life, the D-600L briefly displays the image in the LCD while writing to the flash card. That way you validate the shot without going into preview mode. Nice touch. While running on batteries don't even go into preview -- you'll drain the batteries very quickly. In the studio on AC, that's not a problem.
__ There's a nice control for exposure via manual spot metering, center weighted TTL, or manual exposure compensation with 3 plus or minus F-stops -- however we didn't need it in our studio set-up. In field shoots, these features prove invaluable and worked much more clearly than the Mavica. Many times the adjustments on the Mavica seemed to reveal very little or no change in the image. On the D-600L the change was exact and predictable.
__ Both spot metering and focus are logical: you center the focus dot on the subject that will calibrate the focus and exposure and depress the shutter release half-way. A decided 'click' is felt. The exposure is completed by squeezing the button again. This is a nice feature since the subject of focus and/or exposure might not always be in the center of the viewfinder. You set the calibration then reframe while holding the shutter release. This is a hassle for sports or action photography but an excellent tool for real studio, investigative or portrait photography. With the manual focus feature you can actually play with depth of field and create some nice in/out of focus art shots. It's also invaluable if you need to expose for a specific subject which may be surrounded by very bright or very dark surroundings.

Buttons across the back are dual controls for shooting and viewing mode. Buttons next to the LDC panel control menus and camera management!
We toyed around with a strobe slaver which worked after we figured out how to make it delay. Working on a tip from Olympus product manager, we fooled the slaver into executing on the second flash. The D-600L has a pre-flash intended to eliminate red eye by causing the human subject's pupil to close before the main flash. This works well for eliminating red-eye, but will fool a flash-based strobe slave into flashing prematurely.
__ The D-600L's 3X zoom lens has a seven element aspherical all- glass f2.8 design with macro capabilities and worked very well. Take a look at the "Wrist Watch" shot -- those are arm hairs there to the side. (Beware: the watch shot is fairly large, so it will open in a second window, keeping this one in the background)

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