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  a message from Doug Clifford

Looking for outstanding accomplishments
in photographic imaging!

What will you look
like ten years from now?

You've seen the pictures on milk cartons and posters. Have you ever wondered how they're able to produce a likeness of a child who has been missing for several years? Well, Dr. D'Lynn Waldron has a special piece this month on the accelerated aging software and the fascinating story behind how it's done.

Remarkable Visions
Jasper Johal came from India at 19. This self-taught photographer-designer has built a thriving Los Angeles studio where he produces movie posters, video boxes, CD albums and more for entertainers and commercial clients with wide ranging needs. It's easy to understand why when you see the polish and panache he brings to his work. Don't miss Jasper Johal's Photo-Folio.

If you're a photographer, or digital image artist then you probably should take a look at the details of Photo-Folio. Jasper is the first to be recognized in the new FOLIO site but more importantly, the site is intended to give high talent another venue for promoting their works. Even if you already have your own Web site, a Photo Folio will give you valuable exposure, and an important third party industry endorsement. If you don't yet have a Web site, well of course this can be it.

Letters we love to answer...

Following up on Fred's "In-house Photo Studio" essay, one reader has written finding it difficult and expensive to locate bulbs. Here is how we fixed his problem, saving him possibly hundreds of dollars. Of course, that's what &FOTOgraphic and the Ace Camera Directory are all about. Glad to have been a help!

Until next month,

Doug Clifford

(Doug Clifford is the webmaster for the ACE Indexes, an annotated directory of North American photo commerce web sites, expanding soon to include Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.)


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