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Doug's Coffee Break:
* Aging Photographs: What will you look like in 20 years?
* The Ultimate Gray Card
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* Can't Find the Battery your camera needs?

  a message from Doug Clifford

The Class of 2000

Every May 17th there's an parade in my Seattle neighborhood. This year the marchers included my high school band - I last heard them 35 years ago at my graduation. Pomp and Circumstance. The Class of 1965. Where are they now? Scattered to the far ends of earth. And more than a few have already gone.
__ The Class of 2000 will see and do things we can only imagine. It's a different world. I rapidly snapped pictures of band members as they marched past me playing something Sousa. Earnest young faces, all colors, wearing the green and gold of Roosevelt High. Kids I will never know. Later on I'll search their faces for clues to "What we are to be, we are now becoming" - our timeless school motto still embedded in the front lobby floor.
__ The ritual of graduation has been and will be performed thousands of times in auditoriums and assembly halls around the world this month. Don't leave home without your camera.
__ Photographs connect us to the days of our lives.

Lost, stolen, gone...
While it's unfortunate that Fred's 'review' camera, the Olympus D-400z vanished on his trip to Toronto, I can now sigh a bit of relief. You know he's been threatening to actually buy a digital camera for DT&G and the Design Center for over two years -- and I'm the one who always has to listen to his ranting over which camera to buy.
__ I remember it took him over three years to buy a printer. He seems to worry and fret -- and research -- without actually buying. Then a new model comes out and the cycle begins again.
__ Read his Editor's Column this month, and you'll see he's finally done it! A big thanks goes out to Olympus for helping push Fred to his decision. Now we can get some peace and quiet about which digital camera to buy... at least for a year or so. Maybe.

Until next month,

Doug Clifford

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