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Marketing Ideas for Photographers and Artists
Digital Reproduction Expands
Art Sales Opportunities

Now you can have original photos and paintings digitally transferred to artists' canvas. The Digitograf™ process makes it possible.
... How good do they look? Stunning! The reproduction on the right doesn't compare with the 8x10 oil-based canvas art print I'm holding in my hand from CRA Productions. CRA specializes in the image transfer of photographs, paintings, negatives, transparencies, and digital files to artists' canvas.
... First the original artwork is turned into a digital file. Using oil-based, acid free inks the image is printed onto archival mylar media with an inkjet or electrostatic printer. The mylar media is then heated and fused with 100% cotton artists' canvas.

Distinct Advantages

The resulting canvas print is flexible, durable, waterproof, unaffected by heat or cold, and is protected by CRA's lifetime guarantee that any image will not chip, crack or peel. The damar finish has a lustrous sheen and resists scratches, fingerprints, dirt, cleaning chemicals and moisture. Unlike digital art prints created with water soluble inks, the Digitograf™ process uses oil-based inks so there's no color bleeding to worry about, and a Digitograf print has excellent resistance to fading.Photographic ... graphic design
... Tim Siahatgar founded CRA Productions in 1989. His first invention, the Repligraph¨ process quickly gained the attention of artists interested in top quality reproduction of photographs and artwork. The Repligraph¨ canvas art print is a photographic dye transfer process and not a digital printing process involving ink. A Repligraph¨ print has a lifetime resistance to fading.

Expands Possibilities for Artists

Photographers and artists wishing to create limited editions of their work can now do so with CRA's Printing-on-Demand service. Prints on canvas can be ordered as needed rather than all at once. Color matching of prints with the original is an optional plus. Digitograf™ prints can even be signed or customized with oil or acrylic paints after they've been printed and transferred to the canvas. The maximum reproduction size is 44"x94".

Doug Clifford

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(Doug Clifford is the webmaster for the ACE Indexes, an annotated directory of North American photo commerce web sites, expanding soon to include Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.)

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