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Alexis Gerard, President of Future Image, Inc. says:
"By demanding that the imaging revolution make you more connected, aware, and empowered, you can harness technological progress to enrich the quality of our collective lives rather than just mindlessly accelerating them (as too much technology does today). When you take up a digital camera, you are inventing the future. Seize the moment."

This passage is from the introduction to the first book on digital photography to hit the bookshelves. Fred has been gobbling up every page, and this month, brings us a glimpse into the pages of Deke McClelland's latest: Real World Digital Photography.

WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT, the digital camera revolution is only beginning to soar. If you care to live by Mr. Gerard's insightful words, we can rest in the knowledge that the future will indeed be digital.
... Taking pictures is one of those activities that almost everyone is oriented to at a very early age. So, as cameras evolve into smaller, easier to use, and more personal devices, we'll see a dramatic change in many areas of society.
... Just five short years ago only the elite of the computer age had the means to shoot, manipulate, package, and email a photo around the world. ... Today we're seeing school children archiving their photos in school Web sites. The grand parents can see the latest family vacation almost as it's happening where a few years ago it would take days, even weeks, to get the photographs published.
... You can bet it won't stop there. Very soon the masses will be connected by video cameras in their computers and the grandparents will be able to interact with the family on vacation as it's happening.
These are exciting times and I, for one, sure am happy to be part of it.

Until next time,

Doug Clifford

(Doug Clifford is the webmaster for the ACE Indexes, an annotated directory of North American photo commerce web sites, expanding soon to include Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.)


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