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  Why two Mavica Articles?

I talk to many web surfers and professionals each day. The trend these days indicates that many photographers are looking toward more simple solutions for grabbing quick shots for spot photos and for use on the web.

We're fortunate this month to have Christopher Wright share his point of view on the new Sony Mavica MVC-FD-71. Here you'll see some of the nice features, and some of the problems this new model brings to the $700 range digital camera market.

Christopher is a photo expert and highly respected voice in both traditional photography and the new media. He is publisher of "Digital Photography and Imaging" and "PhotOZine," Australia's only two online photography magazines. Chris and I go way back, and we're thrilled to have this month's contribution. Hope you like it.

Why two articles on the Mavica?

Today's society seems to be on the lookout for the easiest method to accomplish day to day tasks. The Macica's obvious advantage of using a 3-1/2 inch floppy disk to eliminate the need for flash memory, card readers, cables -- and all the problems (real or percieved) of hooking the camera up to their PCs -- to some, has become more important than perhaps better quality photos. I say perhaps because after reading Ernest's "Taking Better Pictures with your Sony Mavica" last month, 'quality' may not be an issue when comparing similar priced cameras.

Fred has a review unit of the Olympus D600 digital camera in the Design Center testing labs and I'm sure we'll hear about it next month. Additionally, as I write this, Fred is on a mentoring assignment in New Market, Virginia where he is training a client on the use of the Mavica for their website, newsletters and digital press releases. Fred purchased the Mavica for this client based on Ernest's article last month -- and the fact that the client wanted the most simple solution available in digital photography. I'm sure he'll post a report on that experience as well.

Again, we really appreciate all those emails and letters you've been sending... please keep up the good work! If you have photography experiences, techniques or successes you know all our readers will enjoy hearing about them. Donít vegetate, communicate! Drop me a line with your thoughts and ideas.

Until next month, share your thoughts!

Doug Clifford

(Doug Clifford is the webmaster for the ACE Indexes, an annotated directory of North American photo commerce web sites, expanding soon to include Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.)

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