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Top Digital Photography Books

The Art of Digital Photography
by by Tom Ang
___ This authoritative guide to the world of digital photography brings together in one volume all the helpful instruction camera artists need to update their skills and use exciting new technology to create successful images. Written in clear, jargon-free language, this essential handbook is fully illustrated with inspiring examples, diagrams, and step-by-step illustrations taken directly from the computer screen. Lucid answers are provided to common questions readers will have about this brand-new way to produce pictures: how to get started, how to correct mistakes, and how to utilize digitally generated images. In chapters structured as workshops, input from pioneers in the field reveals techniques and tricks to lead readers from basic digital photography through image manipulation and output. Paperback - 160 pages 0 edition (October 1999) Amphoto Dimensions (in inches): 0.46 x 10.96 x 9.08 $29.95 Our Price: 20.96 SAVE: $8.99
Complete Guide to Digital Cameras
by Michael D. Murie
___ Book News says: "Murie, a multimedia developer, offers advice on buying and using a digital camera. The guide covers downloading images to a computer, resolution, color models, editing images, printing a hard copy, software applications, uploading images to a web server, working with auction websites, and creating animated sequences. The CD-ROM contains sample images and a the latest digital cameras with features and technical specifications. The book's cover reads "Guide to digital cameras." . . . . Get this one if you have not yet purchased your digital camera, and it will help you make the most intelligent decision. Paperback - 336 pages Bk&Cd Rom edition (October 1999) Howard W Sams & Co Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 9.14 x 7.30 $39.95 Our Price: $31.96 SAVE: $7.99 (top)
Digital Photography For Dummies, Quick Reference
by David D. Busch
___ Don't let the title "Dummies" fool you. Even pros will find much value in this quick reference handbook! . . . With millions of people using digital cameras today and camera costs falling dramatically, more and more snapshooters will want this friendly, compact guide to take out in the field with them. Readers learn about the latest equipment available, from cameras to printers, and how to use that equipment to compose better pictures, edit images, and include photos with their e-mail. Perfect for the beginning digital photographer, this easy-to-follow format helps anyone take the best picture possible. Paperback - 224 pages (August 1, 2000) IDG Books Worldwide $12.99 Our Price: $11.69 SAVE: $1.30 (top)
Digital Photography For Dummies
by by Julie Adair King
___ Ideal for the non-professional with no experience using cameras, much less digital cameras. When we build a dynamic web site for auto dealer, real estate agents, or other businesses who need to control their own photos in their web site -- this is the book we purchase for them! . . . Author Julie Adair King, a photographer and graphics-software specialist, deftly explains such concepts as resolution, f-stop, and compression. She is also refreshingly upfront about the differences between film-based and digital photography, spelling out the latter's shortcomings early on. Her advice on all aspects of the field is well thought out and simple without being condescending. She informs readers, for example, that you needn't use high-pixel resolutions simply for placing images on a Web page. . . . Such tips will come as a relief to anyone on a budget -- particularly novices who may have thought they had to use the highest-quality settings at all times. This is a super book... for the beginner or pro! Paperback - 360 pages 3rd Edition edition (May 2000) IDG Books Worldwide Dimensions (in inches): 0.85 x 9.26 x 7.41 $ 24.99 Our Price: $19.99 $5.00 (top)
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Digital Photography
by by Steve Greenberg
___ The subjects of photography and computers have tremendous breadth and depth. Understanding either one can be a challenge, especially if you're a beginner. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Digital Photography does an excellent job of breaking the ice as it introduces readers to photography, computers, and digital cameras. . . . The book really does start at the beginning, with a short history of the camera and photography, plus the basics of composition. But it progresses quickly into an overview of today's digital tools. Instead of bogging down the reader in myriad details about camera models, computer software and hardware, and other minutiae, the book gives an overview of the available technologies, describing which system or format is best for different kinds of tasks. This is a good thing--hardware and software evolve rapidly, and some of the details mentioned in the book as "up and coming" are now standard. Paperback - 381 pages Bk&Cd Rom edition (October 1999) MacMillan Distribution Dimensions (in inches): 0.93 x 9.02 x 7.31 Retail $24.99 Our Price: $19.99 SAVE: $5.00 (top)
Digital Scanning and Photography
by by Dan Gookin
___ Getting a scanner? Digital Camera? Then you need this book. Dan Gookin explains the latest consumer trend in PCs in Digital Scanning and Photography: specifically, how to choose, buy, configure, and use scanners and digital cameras. The book addresses both Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS, and general information (what resolution is) intermingles with specific instructions (how to resize an image in Adobe PhotoDeluxe). The illustrator of this book deserves great praise. The technical drawings, which showcase such details as where you plug cables into a scanner, are razor sharp and almost photo-realistic. Maybe they're ink-enhanced photographs--it's hard to tell; but, in any case, they're far better than the grainy photos that usually populate books that have a hardware angle. . . . . Topics covered: * Digital imaging for home and small-office users of scanners and digital cameras * Consumer information on equipment features and pricing * Instructions on hooking up a scanner * Information on alternative image-file formats * Tricks for getting the effects you want by using image-editing software Paperback (August 2000) Microsoft Press Dimensions (in inches): 0.59 x 9.24 x 7.42 Retail $12.99 Our Price: $11.69 SAVE: $1.30 (top)
Silver Pixels: An Introduction to the Digital Darkroom
by by Tom Ang
___ This is not necessarily a manual or an introduction book. . . . . Silver Pixels: An Introduction to the Digital Darkroom is more of a mentor teaching the aesthetics of digital photography along with the nitty-gritty how-to stuff. This exciting book takes the reader through the ins and outs of the latest camera technology and expertly answers these questions and more. Using brilliant photographs and clear explanations, Silver Pixels compares conventional and digital photography, showing the new world of effects that can be as subtle or extreme as desired, produced in black-and-white or in color. Technical sections cover equipment, the central component of resolution, color reproduction, output to print, and scanners. . . . . An extensive glossary and relevant tips on the World Wide Web are also included. Paperback - 128 pages (March 15, 2000) Amphoto Dimensions (in inches): 0.44 x 10.64 x 10.30 Retail: $27.50 Our Price: $22.00 SAVE: $5.50 (top)
Digital Camera Solutions
by by Gregory Georges
___ WOW! That's just about the best term I can come up with to describe Gregory Georges' Digital Camera Solutions . . . Digital Camera Solutions is the only full-color title focused on getting the most out of your digital camera. The book teaches you how to exploit your digital camera for editing photos, preparing them for the Internet and printing them in a high quality manner. This book helps readers use their cameras in daily activities at home, the office and in conjunction with the Internet. The book contains dozens of examples and projects that you can immediately use in conjunction with any type or brand of digital camera. . . . . Author Gregory Georges brings years of experience to both imaging and graphics and to making technology easily understandable. . . . . Designed to help you take better pictures using a digital camera. Covers editing and enhancing photographs, managing and archiving digital images, discovering onvenient business applications, use your images in creative projects and print images effectively. Paperback - 368 pages (February 2000) Muska & Lipman Pub , Dimensions (in inches): 0.83 x 8.99 x 7.01 $29.95 Our Price: $23.96 SAVE: $5.99 (top)

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