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Building an in-house studio

First I would like to say Great Article. I don't know who to send this question to but I hope you can help me out. I am in the ad-specialty business and have started to take on developing marketing brochures for companies using my products. I have a Olympus digital camera which I use to shoot products like coffee mugs, desk clocks, pens and such. Having great success but are having problems with lighting that I have been working around by shooting outside and adding backgrounds by using a graphic program.
__ I don't get accurate colors as everything seems to be yellow when using artificial lighting. I know the problem is the lighting. You speak of Sylvania Super Floods but what are these type of bulbs and where can I get them? Are they sold at photo shops? I have been experimenting with all types of lighting with no success. A Photo lighting business says I need to buy lighting from him and expect to spend $100.00 per light. From your article it doesn't seem that way. I do plan on experimenting with some of your ideas in the article but I need to get around this lighting problem."
Glenn Krueger

[Folks, Glenn is talking about Fred's excellent article on "Setting Up Your Own In-House Studio" which ran several months ago in the &FOTOgraphic department.]

Hello Glenn,

SURE... I'll sell'ya just the right bulbs for $100 per bulb! <grin>
__ Of course if you'd like to save a few dollars, you can get on your computer browser, and go to, and look up B&H Photo. Get their 800 order line and order 4,800 Kelvin lamps (balanced for daylight) either in 250 watt (BCA Lamp) or 500 watt (EBW Lamp) for just Four dollars and fifty cents each.
__ I use four of the 250 watt bulbs. If your work still looks yellowish, then you'll need to order up a couple of TUNGSTEN bulbs because these are 3,200 Kelvin. The 4,800s work superbly with virtually every digital camera we've tested.
__ Glenn, there are always people out there who are ready and willing to take advantage of you. If you're looking for photo gear like this, it's best to start with the Ace Camera Index , or go directly into the Ace Mail Order Catalog Index.


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