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Learning About Photo Mosaics

As you may remember our last issue carried a call for leads to information about photo mosaics.

Photo Mosaics are photographic images or pictures made up of many, usually hundreds, of smaller photographic images. Viewed very closely, the small tile images can be recognized as individual photos, but at a distance, the composite of these images make up an entirely different image.
      You've seen them before -- they've become very popular in all sorts of applications, art, magazine covers, advertisements, etc.

Thanks to many DTG readers who responded with all kinds of ideas and links to lots of software resources for Photo Mosaics...

2gether1 Mosaic Software (Win/Mac) -- Creates a mosaic of any picture composed of several small pictures. Available in four languages for PC and Mac. $39.95 US. Sample JPG. It's interesting to note that in year 2000 Runaway Technology was granted a US Patent 'Digital composition of a mosaic image.' widely known as "Photomosaics," It is possible that technology from this patent is used in 2gether1.

Advanced Photo Mosaic Maker (Win) is the tool help you create your own photo mosaic with your own photo collections. give you the same high quality as the professional companies. The program enables you to build your own image gallery library as well. Price: $29.95 Click to download. See their excellent Gallery of examples.

Centarsia (Win) -- Centarsia is a program that makes photo-mosaics out of your pictures. It was designed primarily for the home digital camera user, but it can also create high-resolution images suitable for professional applications. It's "postcard-ware" and they offer some interesting perks including free images. (See the Before image and the After image.

Foto-Mosaik (Win) generates mosaic-pictures, which are composed of many small pictures (tiles), from your own photos. Program screen shots, and see the George Clooney Photomontage. Download it at ... sixdots.de, (578 KB)

Image Puzzler (Win) allows you to create a large regular mosaic patterned images made of many small cells. This is 'demo-ware' as a 30-day evaluation -- $19 US to register. Another George Clooney sample screenshot. They too have an excellent Gallery (Slow loading!)

MacZaic (Mac) This $25 utility is for the Mac and makes a mosaic from one photograph, a folder of photographs or a pregenerated database of images. It also offers a few other capabilities. Here's a screen shot. Click to initiate download of maczaic.sit.hqx. They also offer a collection of photos for generating mosaics containing 1,700 images (5.6M)

Mosaic Creator (Win) This is an interesting one because it claims to support non-rectangular cells in the photo mosaic, as well as Web photo gallery capabilities. Mosaic Creator Lite can be purchased for $29 US. A Professional version is also available for $99 US. Sample thumbnail galleries; Unique interactive image sample page with zoom capabilities; Mosaic Creator Download MC2.zip

Photo-Image Mosaic Plug-In for GIMP This plug-in allows you to create photo mosaic images with the open source image editor GIMP. Go to Kirchgessner for download

PhotoMontage (Win/Mac) is a high-style commercial software package for mosaics or photo tapestry out of a series of smaller images. One powerful aspect is the capacity for Frame extraction from video clips which can supply the raw images. It also does automatic micro-image color matching. The package Includes thousands of micro-images on the CD. See their Showcase of samples or, try just this one image: biking.jpg

PhotoTile (Win) $20 US to register, allows unlimited image collection size and output resolution limited only by resolution of images forming final output image. The unregistered version comes with a small 620 image collection of 64x48 pixel photos and limits the size of the collections to 1000. PhotoTile Registered users have password access to download additional themed collections of 1000 photos each collection. (Their link crashes our browser every time we go there, but here's the link: prismaticsoftware.com; Download PhotoTile SetupPT.zip (2.8meg), or visit their gallery. Here's a pretty neat mosaic of Ben Franklin

Meet the PhotoMosaic Guru...

William Leigh Hunt has assembled a fabulous web site, PhotoTiled Pictures Home Page, which tells everything there is to know about photo mosaics. His Short History of PhotoTiled Pictures is spactacular, and his Theory of PhotoTiled Pictures explains how it all works. Finally, he has posted a wonderful page of great visual samples from the leading mosaic programs. Here's where you'll find lots of neat image to discover

Photo Mosaic Services

Magic Mosaics Ltd. For a price, Magic will create your own custom photo mosaics and computer art. See their Gallery of techniques and Samples. Don't miss the Mad Magazines Covers Mosaic!

Make automated mosaics The Magic Mosaics Art Machine invites you to upload your image and a mosaic will be created by the art machine in a few minutes. A link to the proof file will be sent via Email to you. You can keep the FREE 'preview' or download a photo quality digital file of your mosaic for a nominal fee.

Photomosaic.com Robert Silvers is the creator of Photomosaic´┐Ż software technology, and his company produces many of the famous photo-mosaics you see in magazines, ads and posters today. You can hire them to do your photo mosaics for you.

What more can we say?

If you can't get into photo mosaics with the above information, I don't know what to tell you. We're certainly glad to have so many resourceful readers who helped in giving us a thorough education in the art of photo mosaics. Of course if you can add to this page, we would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading... and happy mosaic-making!

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

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