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Adobe Photoshop 5 Review
by Mike Berceanu

creating history
Perhaps the most spectacular and useful change in Photoshop 5 is the History Palette. Multiple Undo was something that other programs such as MetaCreations Painter has had for ages but now Photoshop has leapfrogged the others with something even better. When it comes to revision capabilities, Photoshop 5 is now way ahead of any other graphics program for the Mac or PC. The History Palette tracks every change you make to an image in a single editing session. The default number of stages is 20 but if you have sufficient RAM you can bump it up to 99, and that's more than enough. While on the subject of RAM , note that he program's minimum RAM requirement has now doubled, from 16 MB to 32 MB. Snapshots can be made of key stages, preserving them and making them available to be brushed back in a a further stage with the new History Brush tool.

The History Palette: All operations are listed as stages which can be reverted to, at any time. In this case, after a couple of filter stages, the original Opera House image is selectively brushed back.
You can also shed history at will and thereby free memory for other use. When the image is saved, all history is shed, so to save useful image states it's a good idea to save various versions of the image as with Photoshop 3 and Photoshop 4.

One of the powerful methods for applying history is to use the History brush. After progressing through a number of stages you can return to a particular stage and brush it back in, either wholly or in part. This enables subtle control of all the effects you may care to use. Wonderful.

Once you've been using the History Palette for a while you'll wonder how you worked without it.

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