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We've talked about all the wonderful capabilities of iView, and MovieWorks (not to mention iPhoto and iMovie) on the Macintosh platform, and quite a few readers ask about similar software for their Windows computers.
      So, we turn to Scott Kilborn, editor/publisher of ACE Camera Magazine, to share some details about ProShow Gold 2.0 slide show and presentation software for Windows users...

ProShow Gold box

A few weeks ago I discovered ProShow Gold 2.0 slide show software. This is not your ordinary slide show program. The ability to create Hollywood-style productions on your PC will astound you and wow your friends and family. If you use visuals in business presentations even your clients will be impressed.

I've been telling all my photographer friends ProShow Gold is must have software for film and digital camera owners.

Slide Shows Become Full Motion Videos

ProShow Gold box If you've ever watched Biography on A&E or television documentaries on PBS, you've undoubtably seen still photos brought to life by panning and zooming across the image. ProShow Gold recreates these same eye-catching visual effects on your home computer. There are so many motion effects I can't begin to list all of them here.

In addition to pan and zoom effects, still images can rotate, revolve and spin, entire photos can recede or appear to move closer, images can slide on and off the screen and so much more. Captions are limited only by the choice of fonts you have installed, and you'll be amazed what you can do with more than 80 captioning effects.

ProShow Gold 2.0

No steep learning curve!
      My friend Bob sells products online, but he's strictly a hobbyist when it comes to photography. Bob downloaded the free trial version of ProShow Gold, went into his library of digital images and within an hour he was sharing a three minute video, complete with animated captions and synchronized audio soundtrack. I'm in Seattle, he's in Arizona yet I was able to watch Bob's flashy presentation when he uploaded the show to his web site and streamed the video.

Don't have a web site? Photodex, the developer of ProShow Gold, lets you upload slide shows and you can share them with friends anywhere for free.

Who Needs ProShow Gold?Proshow screen

Anyone who takes photos on a regular basis and likes to share them with others. Anyone who uses photography and graphics in their business to make sales, visual presentations, catalogs, portfolios and more.

Not convinced? Download the Photodex Presenter browser plug-in and see the ProShow Gold demo slide shows created by people just like you and me.

What would you like to show?

Here are some ideas to get you started, using photos you've already taken.

Just imagine what you can create when you start taking pictures with ProShow Gold in mind!

ProShow Gold 2.0 $69.95 ProShow standard is just $29.95, and you can download Free Trial Versions. Some Details and Specifications More than 280 dissolves and transition effects More than 80 captioning effects Control timing precisely

Supported File Types for Input and Output All the file types you normally use, bmp, tif, jpg, gif, JPEG 2000, mpeg, avi, mp3, wma, wmv and scores more. Click here for a complete list of input and output options.

Minimum System Requirements:
      450 Mhz CPU or better, CD-R/RW drive for CD output, 800x600 hi-color or better display. Windows XP, 2000, Me. Recommended: 1.2 Ghz CPU, accelerated graphics card.

Thanks for reading... and happy photo-taking!

Scott Kilborn
Scott Kilborn, Editor / Publisher, Ace Camera Magazine


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