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Prime Film 1800U | Christopher Wright | & FOTO Graphic

Christopher Wright
Prime Film 1800U | Christopher Wright | & FOTO Graphic

Taiwan manufacturer Pacific Image Electronics, specialists in designing and manufacturing color flatbed scanners since 1993, recently announced the launch of a new USB 1800dpi film scanner aimed at the home and SOHO market. The PrimeFilm 1800U is expected to sell for an unprecedented $199 street price when released in the first quarter of 2000.

** Above is a preview look at the PrimeFilm 1800U - possibly the most affordable way to get digital images yet!(Click for a larger view)

Affordable and Accountable
If you are looking for an affordable film scanner yet don't want to sacrifice scanning quality, the ergonomically designed, compact Pacific Image film scanner, the PrimeFilm 1800U will handle an extensive range of jobs.

Compact & Light-Weight
Designers of multi-media and internet web applications have the most to gain from using the PF1800U scanner. The unit is slim and small (2.28 x 6.22 x 9.25") and lightweight (3.3 lbs.); you'll be able to carry this film scanner with you just about anywhere you go.

The PrimeFilm 1800U does not use a film holder. Film strips, positive or negative, in either color or black and white, are simply placed under the 35mm transparent viewing window, then with a simple touch of the scan button, you are all set to go!

Efficient Scanning
No matter whether you are an amateur photographer, photo student, graphic artist or web designer, magazine editor, school book publisher, or advanced home PC/Mac user, the PrimeFilm 1800U scanner offers the most cost-affordable way to get quality digital images quickly. Scanning a 35mm frame at 1800 dpi takes about 35 seconds. It speeds up overall project tempo, lowers costs for all steps in design and production, and enhances workflow efficiency.

Unparalleled Quality
The high quality, true 36-bit colors per pixel (for a maximum of 68.7 billion colors), or up to 4.2 million pixel files (twice as large as most high-end consumer digital cameras available on the market) provides an impressive improvement in shadow/light detail.

Optimal Scan Image for Mac/PC SOHO Users
The PrimeFilm 1800U is also aimed at the small office/home office (SOHO) market, where the demand for 35mm film scanning equipment has increased considerably. The 1800U is compatible with the latest Mac or Windows computer by using the easy plug-and-play USB interface. To optimize balance, contrast, and/or saturation, the PrimeFilm 1800U scanner provides settings for four different brands of films enabling greater customization. To more accurately measure and adjust for image brightness, gamma value files will be available from Pacific Image's web site allowing users to work with RGB color values independently.

Pacific Image has also developed an easy-to-use user interface. The CyberView driver allows the user to adjust both the color and sharpening during scanning. For both novices and experienced users, the software offers diversified levels of custom controls to satisfy different needs and wants for vivid and creative outcomes.

Visit Pacific Image Electronics web site for up-to-date information on their scanning products. Pacific Image products are available in the US at CompUSA stores.

Christopher Wright is publisher of "Digital Photography and Imaging" and "PhotOZine," Australia's only two online photography magazines <>

&FOTOgraphic wishes to thank Christopher for sharing this review with you. We're looking forward to hearing more in future articles!