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Christopher Wright Reviews: Sony Mavica MVC-FD71 
Despite all of the forgoing the Mavica is addictive.

    As well as its normal colour mode the camera can also be set to take pictures as negative, sepia, black and white and posterized images. 

The images of the bowl of fruit are (top left) straight photograph with auto flash, (top right) negative, (left centre) posterized, (centre left) black and white and (bottom left) sepia. 
     The changes are made by pressing a button marked Picture Effect and scrolling through on-LCD menu. Simple and quick. 
    Choosing the monochromatic iamges doesn't save much file space as they are recorded as RGB images.
    I'm not sure that it is a facility most people would use very often, but it's available for those odd moments when one is feeling creative and do not have access to a computer and an image manipulation program. The camera also has what Sony describe as an E-mail Mode - when this is selected a 1/4 size frame (320 x 240 pixel) JPEG is made to facilitate transmission. It is also possible, to format or copy a disk, so that so long as one has an adequate supply of floppies the Mavica user can be quite self-sufficient. 
    This self-sufficiency is helped in no small measure by the battery. The Mavica uses  a rechargeable Sony CR2025  lithium battery which is stupendous. One of the biggest drawbacks of many digital cameras is the voracious appetite for batteries. It's hard to keep ahead of some unit. A freshly charged battery has a life of about 2.5 hours - after taking some 250 frames it still showed 116 minutes, and that included quite extensive use of the LCD in both record and play mode. Sony supplied a second battery, but I never used it. 
   Of course, using floppies as the recording medium eliminates the need for battery-draining downloads to the computer and this factor undoubtedly contributes to battery life. 

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