3D Camera Studio

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Juicy Bits has announced the release and immediate availability of 3D Camera Studio 1.0 for iPad, the easiest way to create your own 3D photos. Based on the popular 3D Camera app for iPhone and iPod touch, it has been completely redesigned to take full advantage of the larger iPad screen. Featuring a project gallery, a simple alignment mode, wireless image transfer, advanced export to JPS, PNS, and MPO files, and an intuitive interface, it is a powerful tool for creating 3D anaglyph, stereogram, and wigglegram images.

To create a 3D image, left and right photos are selected from the photo album. Or, if the user has the full version of 3D Camera for iPhone/iPod touch, a set of photos can be transmitted wirelessly using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Next, the two images are repositioned to fix any alignment issues and to control the apparent depth of the final 3D image. Moving the right image to the right causes it to recede back into the screen, while moving it to the left causes it to "pop out." 3D Camera Studio includes "recede" and "pop out" buttons to conveniently control depth.

3D Camera Studio creates color and grey anaglyph images that are viewed using common red/cyan 3D glasses, stereogram images that are viewed without glasses (in both parallel and cross-eyed configurations), and "wigglegram" images that produce a simulated 3D effect. The final 3D photo can be copied to the pasteboard for use in other apps, saved to the photo album, or sent to a friend via e-mail. Many configurable settings are available for each mode, including four anaglyph color methods, an automatic saturation and brightness enhancement, the ability to control stereogram border sizing and alignment dots, and wigglegram animation speed.

3D Camera Studio

An advanced e-mail mode can be enabled that allows the user to choose the file format of the image attachment. Common formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF are supported along with three advanced 3D formats: Stereo JPG (.JPS), Stereo PNG (.PNS), and the new Multi-Picture Format (.MPO). Context-sensitive help and tips are available at any time, making it easy for even the first-time stereographer to create high quality 3D images.

  • Built-in gallery to manage projects
  • Wireless image transfer from the full version of 3D Camera for iPhone and iPod touch
  • Simple touch interface to realign and reposition images
  • Magnification loupe for accurate alignment
  • Recede and pop out buttons to quickly modify image depth
  • Automatic cropping of aligned images
  • Five anaglyph creation methods: grey, full color, half color, optimized, and red/blue
  • Optional anaglyph enhance mode to automatically boost saturation and brightness
  • Parallel and cross-eyed stereogram support for photos that don't require 3D glasses
  • Optional stereogram alignment dots
  • Full control of stereogram border size
  • Wigglegram mode for a fun, simulated 3D effect
  • Control of wigglegram animation speed
  • Integrated help that changes based on the current task
  • Advanced mail mode that exports Stereo JPG (.JPS), Stereo PNG (.PNS), and Multi-Picture Format (.MPO) files
  • Ability to copy 3D images to the pasteboard for use in other apps
  • Ability to save to the iPad photo album
  • Ability to send 3D images via e-mail
  • Built-in feedback button to contact Juicy Bits directly with comments or questions

3D Camera Studio 1.0 is available for $4.99 (USD) in the App Store in the Photography category. Review copies are available upon request.

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Founded in 2009, Juicy Bits is a small company that produces unique, freshly squeezed software for mobile devices. Their first release, 3D Camera, earned 4 1/2 mice (out of 5) from Macworld and is frequently among the top 100 photography apps worldwide. Their most recent release, Nature Images HD, features photos that have been downloaded over 3 million times and are included in major operating systems. Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Juicy Bits. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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