Photography for the Web

by Staff

Photography for the WebPhotography for the WebAfter nine years of successfully creating products in web development and design, SitePoint is excited to release its very first lifestyle book "Photography for the Web". This book is written by highly acclaimed photographer Paul Duncanson, in association with the largest and most reputable information source and forum on the topic, Digital Photography School.

This combination of experience and expertise has resulted in a highly prized book, guiding readers through the processes taught in top-quality digital photography schools at a fraction of the cost.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Experiment with and use light effectively
  • Store, display, and share photographs online
  • Understand the nuances of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO
  • Use software to enhance images

Plus there are advanced techniques for the more experienced shutterbugs.

SitePoint CEO, Luke Cuthbertson says

Quoting begins We wanted to do something a little different with this book ... So many people take photos with little knowledge of how to do it properly. This book will teach the fundamentals of using an everyday camera to take great images. Quoting ends

At a time when uploading photos on social networking sites and blogs is widespread, readers can now produce photographs that are worth sharing with the world.

Paul DuncansonPaul Duncanson has been mucking about with cameras for more years than he cares to remember. He began taking photos professionally before finishing his studies at Melbourne's Photography Studies College ( and now works as a freelancer, doing advertising and other commercial photography along with the occasional wedding.

coverPhotography for the Web
Paul Duncanson

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