Create cool, splashy typography using Adobe Photoshop

by Elizabeth Tran

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Step 5: specialized gradient layer

Next step is to make the text more of a ‘tumbler type’ feel, so here we will look at making a specialized gradient layer and then using some layer effects to make the layers stand out.

So duplicate the text layer, this can be done by right clicking the Layer and selecting Duplicate Layer.

Step Five- Designer Daily

Then we want to Rasterize the text, this is so we can create some effects for on the layer, adding effects or different gradients.

Step Five Rasterize the text

Then clear the Layer Styles so that our effects will show through when we change the text layer, this can be done by right clicking and then selecting Clear Layer Style

Step Five- Designer Daily

Lastly we need to select the text, not the Layer but the actual outline of the Rasterized text, this is done by right clicking and selecting Select Pixels.

Step Five- Designer Daily

With the layer selected use the Gradient Tool (G) with your water gradient chosen, and the Radial gradient option selected (this is in the top middle section of the menu bar).

Step Five- Designer Daily

You should be able to make a nice radial gradient of white going out to the darker colors along the edges.

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