Create cool, splashy typography using Adobe Photoshop

by Elizabeth Tran

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Step 6: Adding the Splashes

So for the water splashes effect gather all your water splash imagery together and let’s start adding the splashes in! So here is a selection of my stock imagery I will be using.

Stock images - Step Six

In this step all I have done is cut out the bits of splashes I required and with the Eraser Tool (E) and, using a soft edged brush, erased their background out.

Note that I have made all my splash layers black. This can be done by Desaturating the layer, you can do this by using the Hue/Saturation setting (Ctrl+U or Command+Ctrl+U) Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Then sliding the Saturation bar all the way to the left, this will drain all the color out of the layer. If this makes the layer have a washed out look just adjust the Brightness/ Contrast, this is also in Image > Adjustments > Brightness/ Contrast.

Step Six : Hue/Saturation

Step 7:

Next make all the splash layers Blend Modes into Color Burn, this will give it a crisp, clear look of water!

Step Seven : layers Blend Modes

Now I want the font to blend much more with the splashes and so I will erase out the areas where the splashes join so it looks much more fluid. Use the Erase Tool (E) set to a big soft brush for around 200px and 50% opacity. Then erase the areas of the font that are overlapping with the splashes.

Step Seven : Erase Tool

NEXT : Using the Brushezzy water brushes to finish the effect

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