Create cool, splashy typography using Adobe Photoshop

by Elizabeth Tran

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Time to use those cool Brushezzy water brushes we downloaded earlier.

Here I just picked out some droplets that will go nicely on as ground-cover. Set the brush color to a dark grey and place them on. Then I changed the Layer Mode type to Overlay to create a nice blend with the background gradient layer.

Step Eight : background gradient layer

Step Eight : Overlay

Step 9:

Now to give the image a color lift I’ll add an overlay gradient layer. To do this create a new layer on top of all the other layers, then use the gradient fill tool (G). This is the same as the Bucket tool, so if you can’t see it, just press down on the icon in your tool bar and it will reveal the Gradient Tool. Now select a nice blue gradient in the options in the top left (if there are no options just click on the current gradient and it will reveal the Gradient Editor for you to select your colors).

Step Nine : overlay gradient layer

Lastly, let’s make this layer blend in nicely; here I have changed the Layer mode to Soft Light.

Final Result:

Here is the final result; a water effect typography. Now you don’t have to use as many splashes as I have, as I have added a lot of ‘splash effects’ to give you the idea of how they can be incorporated. It is a nice touch to have one or two but overall this is a fun easy tutorial to do that will give you a cool water effect.

Final image - tutorial

Elizabeth Tran Photoshop designer

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      This article was written by Liz Tran, a freelance web designer from Australia. You can also follw her on Twitter.


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