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International Association of Mobile Digital Artists

International Association of Mobile Digital ArtistsiAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists) will hold its first annual MobileArtCon at NYU ITP at the Tisch School of the Arts, October 23-24, 2010. The conference will bring together visual artists, designers, musicians and app developers from around the world to discuss art and music created on handheld touchscreen devices (iPhones/iPads, etc) from a creative, technical and historical perspective. The free event features artist presentations, app demonstrations, and forums by app developers.

visual artists, designers, musicians and app developersThe quickly emerging art form has been adopted by an international network of artists who began creating drawings, paintings and photography on their devices and publishing the works to various social networking and exhibition sites. This artistic medium, which has also been adopted by high profile artists like David Hockney and John Baldessari, took flight largely due to the popularity of the "Brushes" app and Autodesk's mobile version of Sketchbook Pro for the Apple iPhone and iPod. Due to the attention received by the publication of iPhone "fingerpainted" plein air covers for The New Yorker magazine, professionals and art hobbyists from all over the world have flocked to the medium and will be meeting at this conference, to organize and discuss the future of the artform.

The conference is hosted and co-sponsored by NYU's Tisch ITP, with financial sponsorship by Autodesk and Brushes. Developers have the chance to reach some of the medium's most committed artists, and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Interested sponsors should contact David Scott Leibowitz. The event will end with a closing reception and public exhibition of the attending artists' work. For more information, conference registration, or to view the artwork made by this diverse, international group, visit iAMDA online.

GO International Association of Mobile Digital Artists:

The International Association of Mobile Digital Artists (iAMDA)

The International Association of Mobile Digital Artists (iAMDA) promotes and supports artists who utilize mobile digital media to create art ranging from paintings, photography, mixed media and music. Media includes cellphones, mobile tablets (ie. iPods/IPads), mobile graphic tablets or any other mobile wireless device(s). The organization is committed to supporting these artists through the development of educational resources, programs, workshops, conferences, and promotional events (ie, group exhibitions). iAMDA is in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status. Founding members/interim board members are John Bavaro, Kara Jansson Kovacev, David Scott Leibowitz, Craig Newsom, Benjamin Rabe and Mia Robinson.

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