Photoshop Tutorial: Festive Postcard ready to print!

by Ainsley Bevis

Ainsley Bevis BloomWebDesign.netphotoshop tutorial holiday card Special thanks to Ainsley Bevis from for sending in this great Adobe Illustrator tutorial! She covers a number of good techniques good for beginner to intermediate Illustrator users, and some of the tricks are sheer genious!
Ainsley writes . . .

Learn how to make a Christmas theme print ready postcard in Photoshop! We'll be designing the Front & Back of the Postcard using various shapes and helpful methods & techniques.

Final Result shown at the left.

1. Create a new document to be your template. Use the settings below.  The resolution is set to 300 for high quality & CMYK is the Printing mode.

photoshop tutorial holiday card

2. Size the cropping area: Press CTRL+R to bring up the rulers around the canvas. Drag out 2 horizontal & vertical lines and place them on the edge of the canvas like below:

photoshop tutorial holiday card

3. Expand to create Bleed : Next go to Image > Canvas Size (ALT+CTRL+C) and expand the canvas using the settings below. These lines are now show the 'Cutting Risk Area'. Make sure your postcard design stays within the lines.

photoshop tutorial holiday card

NEXT: Use the Template and build your card front

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