Photoshop Tutorial: Festive Postcard ready to print!

by Ainsley Bevis

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Postcard Front

Before going forward, we want to save the document 2 times -- one for the Front of the Postcard, the other for the back. Open up the Front Postcard document.

4. Begin with the Background : Double click on the white background to unlock it, then again to go into Blending Options. Put in the Gradient Overlay below:

photoshop tutorial holiday card

5. Background Pattern : Next go into the Custom Shape Tool and select the Registration Target 2 Shape. While holding down the Shift Key (to keep the shape straight) draw a large shape using the colour black. Set the opacity to 11% on the shape.

Custom Shape Tool

6. Create 'Twinkles' with Custom Brush : Create a new layer & click on the Brush Tool. Go into Window > Brushes (F5) and put in the settings below to make a new brush type. With the colour below draw a diagonal line from top to bottom using the custom brush you created. (Open all the brush settings in a separate browser window.)

Create a new layer

7. Set up your brushes : Go to :, then download and install -- Star Brushes. Create a new layer for the stars, using the colour #fbeea0 brush on some stars using various stars & sizes.

free custom brushes stars effects

NEXT: Now we'll create the Holiday ornaments for the card!

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