Photoshop Madness : in the holiday spirit from dimwits to families to snow globes and others

by Fred Showker

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Photoshop and Food Styling

Motion Blur Effects in Adobe Photoshop CC14

Photoshop Madness for the holidays

Russell Preston Brown added 2 new pieces by Julieanne Kost, and links to her video tutorial pages. In this video, Julieanne walks through Photoshop CC’s new Path Blur including how to control the direction, speed, taper, and shape of motion paths to make creative enhancements to your image.
      CAUTION Careful, our intrusion alarms went off -- this site attempts to load something onto your computer.
Art and Fun for the holidays Full story :
Great Holiday Activities Russell Brown posted: these samples which used this tutorial!

10 Steps To Create A Personalized Snow Globe

Photoshop Madness for the holidays

Do you know how to create a personalized Snow Globe? Although this site is a replicator clip-art site, and requires the download of their images, it does present some valuable lessons for beginner to intermediate Photoshop users.
      Give it a try and make one for this holiday season! You can send it to your friends and family with as a Christmas greeting card with a personalized touch.
Art and Fun for the holidays Full story :
Great Holiday Activities Click here for: a full view

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