Create Hot Original Lighting Effects with Photoshop

by Guest Author

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Swirls and more swirls ... then COLOR

Step: 6

Now we are going to merge these two layers, to do this select both layers and then use command/control + E and name it "swoops" Using the Lasso tool create a selection of your image, try to draw around cool looking swoops and sweeps.


Now right click and select "refine edge" play around with the settings, mainly feather to get it looking similar to mine. Here are the settings I used, but these can differ. Once happy go Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal Selection.


Step: 7

To give some life and colour to this image go Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation… Check the tick box colourize and play with the setting till you get something nice. My setting can be seen below.


Duplicate the layer "swoops" Now go Image>Adjustments>Curves… Pull the curve down like I have, and this will put some blacks back into the image to make the lines in the swoops look a lot nicer!

Change the blending mode of the copy to "luminosity".


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