Create Hot Original Lighting Effects with Photoshop

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The girl.

This part may take a bit longer for un-experienced photoshop users but stick at it and give it a shot. Open the girl image with File>Place. We are going to use the bezier pen tool to trace the outside of the girl, or whatever you decide is going in the image.


hardlight1 Once you have a full selection, right click and create selection. Now again we are going to use Select>Refine Edge to cut the girl out. You have used this already during this tutorial so again play with the settings till it looks good, a bit of feather will help a lot. Once happy go Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal Selection.

Now change the blending mode to hard light, I do this as it brings some of the background swoops through as if they are coming out of her. Depending on the colours of your image you cut out you may need to trial different blending modes to get a good look.

Image at right ... click for an enlargement

Step: 9 - Finishing

brush To finish up we are going to add some glowing trails. Create a new layer name it glow trails. Select the paintbrush tool and then go Window>Brushes to bring up the brush settings. We need to add scattering and shape dynamics.






Now double click on the glow tails layer, this will bring up the Layer Style dialogue box. Ad glow and change the blending mode to "Colour Dodge". Again its up to you how much glow you add and what colours you use. My settings are shown below. Now draw on your funky light trails!

the finished image

  All done! Now you can enhance your image further by adding other colours or adding other assest! Up to you!

Remember this is just a guide and one way to do it! Experiment with each step to get a different look and make it your own!


Ben Bradley,
      Creator of


Ben Bradley is a graphic designer/ video artist from New Zealand! I have finally got my web into gear so head over to bencurious to check it out for updates and new work! Also you can find me on twitter @bencurious.

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