Photoshop Madness : Even MORE Text Effects

by Fred Showker

Photoshop Madness, Fred Showker surfs the web in search of good Photoshop stuff

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL MADNESS We're back, to wrap up the 19th Annual Fall Fonts Fest with this madness of yet more text effects -- even a retro one that's actually not, and one from the cleaned-up Photoshop Planet guys . . . ENJOY:
* Beautiful Glossy Text Art Using Photoshop
* Easy Way to Work on a Great Text Art
* How to Design a Retro Style Text
* Elegant Text Effect for 2013
* Glowing Rusty Text Effect
* 3D Sliced Text Effects
... and MORE

Beautiful Glossy Text Art Using Photoshop

MORE Adobe Photoshop text effects

This tutorial will explain how to create a luxurious glossy metallic marble textured text effect, using Layer Styles, and a simple pattern. It utilizes downloadable patterns and textures.
      (Text Tuts didn't list the author, and we cannot rely on the credits. The site boasts of being created by a person calling themselves, simply : Rose -- but the domain is registered to a "Brent Oxley" from somewhere near Houston, TX )
free Photoshop Tutorial Full story : Text Tuts
click See a screen shot

Easy Way to Work on a Great Text Art

MORE Adobe Photoshop text effects

In this tutorial, 3D artist and illustrator Craig Minchington demonstrates how to create elegant 3D type without using a CG suite such as Cinema 4D or Maya. Instead, he'll use the 3D tools in the Extended version of Photoshop CS6
CAUTION Caution : we listed this madness because the finished results is so good ... but "Digital Arts Online" has programmed the site with a poorly implemented sort of slide show interface to step through the steps one at a time... difficult scrolling, and type that is about 8 point. Good tutorial, bad presentation.
free Photoshop Tutorial Full story : Craig Minchington
click for another view See a screen shot


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